How Much Do You Value Quotes?

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    "Maybe he didn't expect the reaction he got, but he had to expect a reaction" - Vincent Vega, Pulp Fiction

    "Please take that outta my arse!....Oh hey Larry" - Adam Sandler, Bulletproof

    "I washed my hands with the same soap and when I finished the towl didn't look like no goddamn Maxi Pad!" - Jules, Pulp Fiction

    "Shut your fat arse Rayvie, I can't buy a pack of smokes without running into nine guys you've fucked!" Rocco, Boondock Saints

    'We'll start the arse kissing with you." Smecker, Boondock Saints

    "I killed your cat! I thought it would bring closure to our relationship!" Roccs, BDS

    "Never shall innocent blood be shed, but the blood of the wicked shall flow like a river. The three shall spread their blackened wings and be the vengeful striking hammer of God." Il Duce, BDS

    Maude: "What do you do for recreation?"
    The Dude: "Oh the usual. I bowl. Drive around. The occasional acid flashback" - The Big Lebowski

    "Fuck sympathy, I don't neeed your fuckin sympathy, I need my fuckin johnson!" - The Dude

    "Do you see what happens Larry? Do you see what happens when you fuck a strange in the arse!?" Walter, TBL
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