How Not To Run A Gay Business ....

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    A minor parable here for purveyors of the Pink Pound .
    A London businessman (we shall call him "Guy" for the sake of this fable) opened three gay saunas (two in London alone).
    "Guy" however opened the saunas at 1.00pm or later despite advertising opening hours of 12.00-10.00pm.
    People stopped going !
    The price on opening was ten pounds.
    He raised it to fifteen pounds.
    People stopped going !
    He was rude and moody.
    Staff and customers left in droves.
    He expanded too quickly ; sort of a Sauna Starbucks.
    The Bournemouth branch opened in October and closed for the Christmas period, never to reopen again.
    The Brighton branch never opened ; Asbestos in the structure.
    People stopped going.
    Now two of the three saunas are under new management and are prospering.
    There is a happy ending to this little fairy tale, after all children.
    How NOT to run a gay (or indeed any other) business ...
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