How our ancestral roles affect us today

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    So in the olden days, men were hunters and women were gatherers, right? Using all the skill and sneakiness they had at their disposal, men would kill any and all animals that looked like good eatin', and then stand around and congratulate each other (probably by yelling, high-fiving, and bumping chests. Not the caveman equivalent thereof, I'm pretty sure that is the caveman equivalent).

    Women, on the other hand, would chattily go gather wild fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts and roots. They chatted to make the animals go -away- before they got there. This explains why women like to talk. A lot. (Or at least all the ones I know do, self included.)

    These days, men and women do not gather or hunt. Men shoot things on video games, hunt the latest technological advance for their entertainment systems, and congratulate each other by yelling, high-fiving, and bumping chests whenever their favorite sports team wins. (If they're younger, successfully completing a keg-stand may be involved.)

    Women... women chattily gather shoes.

    Men are no more impressed with what women gather than women are with what men hunt.

    Just a theory, but let me know what you guys think. It made me laugh. I came up with the whole thing a little inebriated.
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