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    so this has been happening a lot lately. Either i am attending a lecture or an event and i see this guy across the lecture looking at me. i smile at him and he back. nothing to it right? however i kept feeling like he was looking at me so i would slyly look at the (only my real purpose was to see if he was looking at me) and sure enough he was still looking. i decide to have little fun, licking my lips, biting my lips, to see if he would make any response. none. ok fine. however later on in the event, the speaker makes a joke and i laugh and i look at him only to notice him looking at me again and laughing as well. Also nodding his head at me. as i do the same back. event finishes he leaves a little early, and then i leave. I see him later at another building and he sees me also. Out of surprise and excitement i turn away as he is looking and starting to approach me... he sees me turn and walks away.

    long story short. How do i distinguish between a friendly smile from a walker by and someone that might want to talk to me? I am very new at all relationships so i tend to be a bit shy with being approached and approaching them. Should i just smile and hold a look, or would that be creepy? right now i simply just smile and look away. hold the look? dont hold a look? opinions please?
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