HOW TO: Accomodate HUGE objects anally.

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    Just figured I'd post this PDF I found awhile back since I mentioned it in another thread. It's actually by some guy whom is notorious for his anal capabilities. He doesn't care if it's shared, as it's floating all over the net, and I can imagine he WANTS it to get out by him mentioning to email him if you ned help, etc. or with any comments. Anyways, the PDF has been attached. ( it works fine for me on Adobe Acrobat 8, but some with old versions tend to have problems ).

    As for the guide... it basically is TNS's exact methods for expaning the anus and taking huge objects in no time. I tested his methods and have been able to take some rather humongous toys within an hour's time when I, at first, could barely take 3 fingers. It's a very serious guide, and not much to it, but DEFINATELY worth the read, whether your male or female.

    The PDF is actually hosted also by the store he mentioned now, so I guess they became affiliated in some way recently, but I don't know if it's safe to post URLS, so just PM me for it.

    Have fun.

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