How to Avoid Using Condoms... My Last Girlfriend / Mirena Birth Control

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    This was in response to "Thinnest XL condoms" by hungrebel. I didn't want to get off topic so I cut the story out and pasted it in it's own threat.

    I don't want to give any advice like Screw the condoms, just use birth control and get tested for STDs because that's risky and stupid. It only works in very special occasions.

    My instance is one of those special occasions.
    My last girlfriend, when we met up, both of us were in the same boat, horny as hell yet loyal, but deprived from sex for a while because of the risks associated with hooking up with random people or the other person cheating and getting an STD.

    We trusted each other A LOT. She was a sweatheart, virgin, very modest, very humble, but just horny as hell. So both of us sort of came to the conclusion that we would head down and get tested for any STDs and Aids just to give the other security and safety knowing we were both clean.

    After that she got Mirena or something, it lasts for 5 years and she didn't get any side effects from it which some women do. Everything was great for a year and we had an amazing time. Sex happened whenever you wanted it to happen, which was great, no condoms or lube, and you could go on as long as you liked. I wouldn't have it any other way. Screw Condoms but then again... Not everyone is that loyal and you don't want to get STDs that stay with you for life. I'd rather be a virgin all my life than get Herpes. So I was always extremely careful and paranoid.
    Moral of the story: So If you have the same hatred for condoms and are with someone who you seriously trust. Mirena is an option for you. It does NOT protect against HIV or STDs. You have to get tested for those. If not, get her a vibrator and yourself a Fleshlight and use it often.:biggrin1:
    Long story short, she found the man of her dreams, I knew it, she knew it, so why fight it. I wanted her to be happy and the other guy was a better choice for her. We just overnight sort of mutually broke up. I regret nothing and wish her the best. If you're wondering why she chose the other guy it was because personality/kids/mindset/marriage wise they were a LOT more compatible. (and he looked a lot better than me, so one day the kids are going to turn out great)

    Weeks later she e-mailed me saying "Thank you for everything Jason... something something.... I'll always love you... you'll always be my first. ...never forget was best for both of us... He's treating me amazing and we might actually get married in a few years....... ... He's nothing like you in bed though :( ... you fucking cucumber.."..

    I busted out laughing... because normally she never drops the F-bomb, she only did when we made love.
    It's been a while but I still keep in touch with her, I'd never sleep with her again of course, because she's with someone else now. They were planning to get married after this whole economy thing wears off. I'll be at the wedding. I'm happy for her.

    I bought a Fleshlight and have never dated another woman again. Some guys see it as being desperate, the way I see it. Women use vibrators and dildos and no one calls them desperate losers, so I'm not ashamed of my fleshlight.
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