How to eliminate homophobia

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    The best way to tackle homophobia is, still, by coming out. This is the way the average american can match the issues (and their prejudices) -- like gay marriage, adoption, anti-harassment legislation, etc. -- with the personal faces and individual lives. Without this personal connection, there would be no gay movement.

    Dan Lemon, CNN anchor, came out over the weekend, confirming what's in his new book: Don Lemon Comes Out: CNN Anchor Reveals He's Gay In New Book

    For cable tv, that's now Rachel Maddow, Thomas Roberts, and I'm not sure if Anderson Cooper has formally announced, but he doesn't hide it at any rate (it's all out there with his New Years with Kathy Griffin).

    Also this weekend, NBA President of the Phoenix Suns, Rick Welts, came out. Report: Suns*president and CEO Rick Welts announces he's gay - NBA -

    And, like dominoes falling, coming out breeds straight allies, like Rugby player Ben Cohen YouTube - BEN COHEN ACCEPTANCE TOUR INVITATION

    and wrestling coach Hudson Taylor YouTube - MSNBC - Wrestling Coach Hudson Taylor An Advocate For Gay Rights
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