How to heal a penile hematoma?

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    I was stroking this morning when I felt a soft spot midway down the shaft of my penis. I looked down and to my horror I saw a raised purple area the size of a quarter.

    Of course that put an immediate end to the stroking. After i calmed down, I googled purple penis and found out that it's a penile hematoma.

    What can I do to speed healing of it? ice? heat? massage?
    Does getting one mean that the area of my penis where it occurred is more susceptible to recurrence?
    When can I start stroking again?
    This is now the second time it's occurred to me. Is this indicative of some a greater pending problem with my penis?

    The last time it happened was a few years ago about an inch down from my glans. It was a much smaller area than the current one. I called my doctor and he said to give it a few days and if it didn't start to look better to make an appointment. It healed fine. What was strange about the first time it occurred is that in the few weeks prior to the occurrence of it the spot where it occurred on my penis felt different like it feels when the skin get caught in your zipper. This time there was no warning.
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    Sounds like you ruptured a small blood vessel. Not knowing your age or meds that you are taking advise is tough, BUT. Put ice on it to reduce the bleeding. Heat will only increase the blood flow. Massaging it will probably break the clot and could make it worse. Your big problem is that you can't see how deep the bleed goes, or how much actually leaked out. Blood in tissue can lead to permanent, deforming scarring internally. So PLEASE, get off the computer, and call your doctor. As I like to say, we've heard it all, and seen it all, and then some, so dump the pride, and get the care you need. It's probably a very minor injury, but your best friend deserves some good medical advise at a time like this. (And since this has happened before, have you doc do some blood work, looking for a possible underlying clotting problem.

    Best regards.
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