How to Kill a Myth: One Step at a Time

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    Article courtesy of Aaron Kemmer

    Some myths are hard to kill

    Most people either:
    1. Believe exercises can’t improve the penis
    2. or haven’t thought about it enough to form an opinion
    It’s understandable. Penile exercising is relatively new, and only recently has the Internet allowed it to flourish into an act that men can discuss freely. Like all new things, it takes time get out in the open.

    But it’s slowly becoming more popular.

    Last year, I did a poll of the top web sites related to penile exercising. The results suggested that over a million men have used exercises in an effort to make their penis bigger and harder. Even mainstream media is opening their minds. Recent books like Built for Sex talk about jelqing and related exercises in a fairly positive light (kudos to author Scott Hays).

    Every once in a while, though, an urologist or sex expert still discredits the effects of penile exercises, claiming it’s “scientifically impossible.” We all make mistakes and there is a lot of misinformation in this world, so it’s easy to understand where the discrediting comes from.

    Sometimes, however, I read something that leaves even me baffled.

    One of these instances recently came when A. J. “Big Al” Alfaro sent me a link to a WebMD article about Dr. Sheldon Marks take on penis enlargement. In it, Marks, a urologist of 20 years and a male, said . . .
    “It is not like the penis is elastic and can be enlarged. It is what it is.”

    I’m sure, or I hope for the sake of his patients, that Dr. Marks didn’t mean that literally.

    As any guy can attest, the penis is one of the most elastic organs in the body and often enlarges up to 8 times its flaccid size during those “exciting” times.

    So what’s with all the confusion?

    Why aren’t penile exercises more mainstream?

    1. It’s a taboo subject. Even in today’s sexually liberated society, very few people want to talk about penis exercises. The majority of people don’t even want to talk about the penis. Understandably, it doesn’t make for a great dinner conversation. That’s one of the main reasons I started this blog - to get the topic out there in an atmosphere that focuses on improving in all aspects of life (physically, mentally and spiritually).

    2. Most of the early adopters don’t want the world to know about it. A large majority of men who exercising their penis have a “fight club” mentality (you do not talk about fight club . . .). Understandably, they are concerned that the “average” size will increase if more men know about it, and in effect lessen their effort.

    (Note: If you are one of the men that fear the “competition” will amplify in the sexual arena, first realize that sex isn’t a competition. It’s more like a union between you, your partner, and whoever else may be present. Second, consider how many men would have to gain an inch to raise the “average penis size” even a quarter inch. I imagine, at the very least, tens of millions.)

    3. Old myths die hard. The Earth wasn’t proven round overnight (some still even believe it’s flat). It was only in the latter part of the last century that several articles started being published regarding the smooth muscle in the penis.

    4. More studies are needed. In today’s scientifically-focused society, nothing is proven without mounds of evidence. And rightfully so. More studies and scientifically scrutinty is needed. When more studies and surveys gradually come out about the effects of penile exercising, we’ll all look back and wonder what took so long for the truth to be established. Hindsight is always 20/20. We already do this now when it comes to the G-spot, even though it wasn’t a proven region until the 1980’s with the release of Whipple, Ladas and Perry’s book.

    What do you think? Why isn’t “PE” more out in the open?

    Please visit How to Kill a Myth: One Step at a Time | Aaron Kemmer & Labor of Man to leave your comments and to read more great articles like this one.
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