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    Greetings. I need some advice and information.

    I used to work for a Mexican restaurant in town, but after a transition of management, the general manager started utilizing practices that created a lot of tension and trouble at the work place, with possible legal ramifications. He thought it was alright to date one of the servers openly until servers protested practices of favoritism. He also let his girlfriend, who has since quit the job so that they could date without complication, come back to work for him last night as a food runner, and paying her under the table.

    Although he can't legally (by contract) discuss tip share behaviors between servers, he has found it acceptable to make tip share practices a matter of public record and to document it in such a way that promotes embarrassment and tension among staff. He has also subtly offered penalty in the form of less working hours, diminished sections, etc., to those who tip out less. He has also made it virtually impossible for employees to provide notice of termination, as he preempts them with the above conditions as soon as the next schedule is released.

    I could go on, but you get the idea. He deserves to be reprimanded severely if not outright fired.

    What do I do?

    I have some ideas. I have already written a formal statement to the company's human resources group. I want to forward something to the Better Business Bureau and, if I can find them, the state Department of Labor. Who else should I contact? What should I be sure to mention?

    Any advice is appreciated.
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    Make sure you've got solid documentation, or at least as complete a list (hopefully with multiple signatures) as possible.

    Go ahead and hit up the BBB, and they'll probably refer you to anyone else you may need to contact.
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