Huge Balls, but not so low hangers.

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    This past weekend I had sex with a really gorgeous stud on campus that I've had me eyes on for a long time. His body was unbeliveable, really muscular with a nice very thick cock. Even though his cock was maybe seven inches it actually looked smaller than it was due to the truly enormous pair of balls that he had.
    I've seen large balls on guys before, but with this guy they really were so large they looked almost out of place somehow. I guess that's because they hung so very close to his cock and body. It was like he had two tennis balls right undernath his shaft. I love sucking on a guys balls as well, but with this guy I could just barely get one even partly in my mouth. The sex turned out to be incredible though, with those things slamming so hard against my lower vagina. Maybe it was also the sound of them against slapping me that really got me going as well. What I wanted to know was, since the guy was blond and so fair skinned, is there any relation to where a guys balls hang on his body and their body type or ethnicity? I'm assuming their is no obvious size relation. Italian, Jewish and Latin guys I've dated all seem to hang very low (ball wise) in comparison. What was surprising was that the guy actually shot only a very average amount of cumm-so that answered one of my other questions for me.
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