Hung exhibitionist in Manchester

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    I have just returned from Manchester (uk) , when i was at the train station there i sat outside pretty close to a bunch of lads , i overheard the younger lads asking on of the older (19 , 20 or so) " so tell us is it has big has they say" etc....very horny stuff , then after about 5 mins he said ok then come in to the toilets and i will show you...needless to say i followed a way behind and when i go through the turnstile i saw all 3 standing at the urinal together, the older lad standing so far back from the urinal i could even see it!!!


    I have seen many 10inch plus , but this lad was 8-9inches soft and real thick and veiny , unbelivable , i stood at the other set of urinals and looked over my shoulder , they knew i was watching but didnt care. The 2 younger lads couldnt take their eyes off it , and the older one was so cool about it all , he even asked one lad to squeeze it!!

    When he packed it away in i trackie pants and walked out the the station again , everyone could see this huge bulge flopping around in his pants and he knew they were staring , has he had a real cheeky grin...A very lucky lad and I was lucky too that he likes to flash it around...very horny stuff!
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