HUNG HAIRY Best Friend Part 4

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    This will be the last installment of this series unless there is demand for more. Your comments and feedback are always greatly appreciated.

    Hung and Hairy Best Friend Part 4

    I woke to an empty bed and a face and body covered in dried jizz. I heard the sound of struggle and leaned over the bed to see Kevin straddling Matt’s upper body. Seeing that I was awake, Kevin started taunting Matt, who I could see now was completely tied up and had his mouth stuffed with a generously sized jockstrap. “Thought you’d just fuck the virgin jock I’ve been lusting after forever and do it right in front of me? There’s a price for everything, bitch, and this one’s high.”

    Matt’s eyes began to change from fury to fright as he pondered what his very strong(not to mention well hung) younger brother had in mind for him.
    Kevin saw Matt spinning his wheels and threw back his head and laughed loudly, “You think I’m going to fuck you? You’d love it I’m sure, but I think that’s letting you off easy. Taking a ride on a cock almost as big as yours. No, sir, you know, Ryan isn’t my only friend that’s a muscle jock. You remember Brad?”

    Matt’s eyes narrowed into pleading slits when he realized who Kevin might mean. “That’s right, big bro, the same Brad that bullied you for years is on his way over. You ever see him naked in the lockerroom? Huh, fucker? Answer me, damn it.” Kevin jumped up and down on his brother’s bare, hairy chest with each syllable.

    No, he’d never seen Brad in the gym at school and didn’t have to to know what his brother meant. Brad’s cock was known all over this tiny shit town, from students, teachers, everyone seemed to know that this dude was circus hung. Held back a year, Brad was Matt’s age, nineteen and several inches taller than Matt’s 6’4, outweighing him easily by 40 pounds of pure muscle. Kevin snapped Matt back to the now by grabbing two handfuls of his manfur and barked,” We better start getting you ready. Ryan, get your ass out of that bed, now. Go to the bathroom and bring me the razor and some shaving cream.”

    Terror filled Matt’s beautiful baby blues as Kevin laughed heartlessly, “Poor Matt, you never even saw this coming did you, bro? I’m gonna fuck up your whole world for fucking me over like you did.” Matt was whimpering and crying now, the tears streaming down his unshaven face, even wetting the top of his hairy chest. “Now Ryan, just spread the cream all over his chest.” I looked at Matt fearfully, but the menacing look in Kevin’s eye told me all I needed to know. I shot a huge pile of foam into my hand and reached for the expanse of hair on Matt’s chest.

    “Not so fast, you fucker. Didn’t anybody teach you how to shave, dumbass? You put the cream on wet hair…now, wet his chest with your tongue until I tell you its wet enough.” I was actually going to enjoy this session, I thought as my tongue began traversing through Matt’s bountiful brown body hair.

    He began moaning due to my administrations and Kevin quickly noticed, pulling me from the hairy muscular mass of his brother’s chest with a fistful of my hair. “That’s enough, Ryan. I don’t want him to enjoy this. Now put the cream where you licked.”
    As I liberally spread the foam on his fur, Matt renewed his efforts of struggle, thrashing back and forth under Kevin‘s muscled frame. Once the area was covered, Kevin pulled the razor in a single swipe across it. Seconds later, Kevin made me run to the bathroom and rinse the blade as it was already clogged with manboy fur. Matt’s shoulders heaved in deep sobs as he realized Kevin had made good on his threat to shave his hairy chest. He looked down at the smooth bare strip of flesh between his pecs, the rest of his immense chest still hairy as ever. Anyone looking at Matt could tell that he felt less a man without his fully haired over chest.

    “I think leaving just a section shaved is worse punishment for you, you vain asshole. I know you won’t be able to part with the rest of it and it’ll take til the end of summer to grow it back. Yes, even for you, you fucking monkey.” Matt’s cries grew louder because he knew what his brother said was true, he wouldn’t be able to show off his burly bare chest without a shirt until spring break.

    “Now Ryan, I want you to fuck Matt’s tight virgin hole. I think it’s only fitting that you steal his as he stole yours.” Matt’s ears burned crimson upon hearing this development and he bristled his entire body. No way was that pussyboy going to top his ass. Not now, not ever. Ryan looked at Matt’s beautiful round ass and sighed aloud. “You gonna fuck that ass good and hard Ry?” Kevin asked. “Gonna teach him everything he taught you? Cornhole him good, fuckboy, while the gettings good.”

    Ryan felt his own cock swell at the thought of fucking this butch hairy teen stud. Kevin reached over and pushed Ryan towards his brother. “You better be convincing as a top you little fucker, or the three of us will turn your ass inside out after Brad’s had his way with Matt.” I heeded the warning and mounted Matt doggy style like I’d been there all my life. His muscled globes parted themselves just because he was in the kneeling position. Matt looked back at me and gasped when he saw what I was getting wet with some spit. Remembering Kevin’s wishes for me to play total top, I began, “Not that much smaller than Kev’s is it? Never took stock of my cock did you, Matt. Probably never thought you’d have to. I know I never would dreamt that the size of my cock would ever matter to you.”

    Kevin grew restless with my buildup and snarled, “Would you just shove your cock in him already?” I looked Matt in the eye as my cockhead pressed against the sweet eye of his as. He moaned involuntarily as I sank the head and five inches or so of my cock in him. “I can see already why you guys like fucking me. If my ass is even half this tight, I’m surprised you let me sleep at all last night. You gonna complain anymore Matt, or can I take the gag off?” Kevin looked over in surprise and I think, desire. Matt nodded as best he could, knowing he had lost not only the battle, but the whole fucking war.

    “That’s it Matt, now you’re my pussyboy, to fuck and defile as I see fit. Take my fucking cock, asshole, here it comes.” Matt made an impossible sound to describe and hissed between clenched teeth, “You slip an extender on there fucker? Thought you were in to the gills already before.”

    “Extender? EXTENDER motherfucker? I was trying to be gentle on you fuck face.” I quickly turned Matt’s 200 lb hairy teenmuscle body on his back and stuck his legs straight up in the air. He realized what this meant, having demonstrated the standing piledriver fuck for almost an hour on me in this very spot less than 24 hours ago. Matt moaned as the head of my big dick struck his prostate over and over. Matt’s towering pillar of cock began firing off huge salvos of molten cum all over his chest and face. This display sent me over the top and I plunged all 8plus inches of my fatty deep in his belly and let the first of twelve or thirteen torrents of cum fly.

    Remembering the other lesson from last night, I withdrew my still shooting cock and jammed the head into Matt’s gorgeous face. I don’t know who was more surprised, Matt that I came in his mouth, or me, that he swallowed every drop. He gurgled and cooed like a baby as he got a bellyful of my nectar. His gaze caught mine as he sucked the last drops of cum from my piss slit. There was a glint in his eye that told me he wasn’t planning on staying tied up there forever.

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    wow man this is an art form... great story bud.
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    Hairy guys rule!!!!!!!!
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