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    i remember at school we were all in 7th class and some bright spark said lets see who has the biggest tool.
    everyone was embarrased but slowly out came the cocks.
    connor had the ruler and most guys were pretty small until little kevvie whipped out his schlong.
    we were all amazed.this was cuecumber was just on 8 inches long but it was the girth that got us going.we were only 12 or 13 so just kids and virtually no experience.
    we told our girl friends and suddenly kevvie was the talk of the school.the word got to the classes older than us and a hot chick called meg was we were told going to bone young kevvie.
    we got the word a few days later thet as soon as she started to wank him he blew all over her hands and arms,lucky prick. however meg knew her business and apparently let him rest a bit then gave him his first blow job.i always wanted meg to blow me but it never happened. she was a extremely hot babe...wonder wat she is up to now..
    anyway kev was a hit with the chicks for as long as i knew him obviouasy fucking his way thru high school then college.
    the sight of his cock has never left me and i often wondered if there are many kevvies out there.
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