hung...maybe too young??

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    we were at a nude beech a few months ago just lying around enjoying the sun and the sights of lovely naked bods and after lunch we went for a walk across the rocks to a v sheltered spot where there were spots of sand where u could sunbake in privacy etc so we laid down on a quiet patch and the little lady was giving me a blow job while i fisted her sloppy pussy when these 3 guys walked almost on top of us.

    they were as surprised as we were but after a few seconds they were all apologies and the oldest guy said the tide was coming in where they were sitting so they decided to move..

    so my missus says ..oh thats sad,wontn you join us here,theres plenty of here i am my cock limp and my hand covered in pussy juice and we have 3 guys join us....shit!

    so the older guys says great and they spread out their towls,foof and wine and settled in besides us.

    the older guy said to his friend he was going for a swim so he dropped his shorts and my wife nearly bit her toung.

    here was one beautiful cock.not a hair on it ,tanned and a stunner.

    he went in and he soon called to the other guy to join him so he stood up also dropped his shorts to reveal a similarly lovely piece of meat and hopped into the water.

    my wife could not believe her eyes.i was enjoying it too.

    i said to the young lad who i guessed to be v yng that his friends were nice fellows.

    he said that were his uncle and cousin and he lived with his uncle.

    they called to the youing guy to go in to the water.

    he was uncertain at first and we wondered if he was well hung too.

    we were not to wait too long as he soon stood up ,dropped his shorts to reveal a member equally as well sized as his relations except that it was semi erect..
    the missus was agast at this sight.

    they swam for 15 mins and all came out together. what a sight.

    wwe had lunch and a few wines together and the two guys were oggling the little lady.she has a lovely body,small tits but a very meaty and loose pussy,oh and i must say stunning legs..thats why i married her...those lege drive me mad..

    so the older one said he was going for a swim and is anyone else coming. the conversation had been sexy so we were pretty loose with these guys.

    so my missus jumps up and says she is v hot and needs to cool down so in go the wife the older guy and then the youngun.

    the next thing i see is my missus sitting on his lap with his arms around her with everyone laughing.then the guy on the beach says not to worry as uncle tom fucks all women in front of theit boyfriends and husbands.

    so here i am watching this big cock give my wifes cunt curry from behind. i could see her enjoying it and she was also holding the younger cock in her hands giving it a massage.
    20 mins later they all came out with the wife particularly chirpy..
    we swap partners occasionally so it does not worry us too much if we play aeound a little.

    as they sat down the younger sat near the wife with his large flacid tool lying on his tummy when the wife took it in fer hands and asked me to pass the suntan lotion.

    she filled her hands with the stuff and picked this lovely cock up in her hands and said, let me finish what i started in the water.

    in seconds he was rock hard and in less than a minute his cum was all over his chest legs and her hands.
    it sure was impressive.

    so we all said our goodbyes and arranged to meet at theirhouse in 2 weeks for a bbq.

    the wife could not wait. i fucked her senseless up until then and on the morning before we went to the bbq she shaved her cunt wore no panties and no bra.

    we rocked up and remet the 3 guys ans a 39 yr old sri lankan house keeper.
    very pretty skinny with big shorts and a no bra t shirt.

    we had a few drinks and i said that we were amazed at their penis size. he said all on his mothers side were the same. the younger guy was now 19 and getting used to being well hung. their mother was sri lankan and they were all raised to feel easy about theit sex life..

    the wife dissappeared shortly and ui said to the older guy where is she.

    she is showing my nephew the back yard.

    swo 15 mins later a snuk a look and she was giving him a blow job presumably after he had fucked her..

    what a family..

    we still keep in touch with them all but only occasionally..

    they are too much to handle

    roscoe and clare
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    Roscoe... you've been left out of all the fun!
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