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    michaellong: Part One.

    I had read about Little Diggers (a nude beach) on the Cruising For Sex website and organised a two day stay at a resort on the main beach adjacent to Little Diggers as part of a trip to Byron Bay on the NSW North Coast.

    Leaving Sydney in the early hours of the morning, a 7 hour drive had me at the hotel a little after midday. I settled into my room for an hour nap before heading over the rocks to the nude beach. Surveying the beach as I rounded the rock knoll separating the main beach and Little Diggers I could see there were only about 20 nudists sunbaking in the afternoon sun. I noticed there were a couple of groups of guys, some girls and a few single people in varying locations on the beach as I walked along the foreshore to the nothern end. I found a spot against the rocks facing into the sun and some distance from the closest person. He was laying face down on his towel and looked to be asleep as I removed my clothes, sat on my towel and leaned against a smooth rock to soak up the warm rays.

    I had just finished applying some sunscreen when I noticed a guy walking toward the surf from the bushes behind the beach with the biggest erect cock I had ever seen. He continued down the beach and waded into the water, which is still pretty cold for this time of year. He swam out beyond the breaking waves and proceeded to body surf catching a few waves before leaving the water and walking back toward where I was sitting on the sand. He walked past me to the bushes above the beach with his huge, now flaccid, cock swinging like a small trunk between his legs. Even though I am mainly into women I couldn't help the feeling in my balls and the subsequent erection I got as I followed his cock with my eyes.

    He emerged from the bushes onto a ledge overlooking the beach about 30 metres away, picked up a towel and stood, with his back to me, wiping himself down before applying some oil over his tanned body. It appeared he was purposely avoiding his massive cock which I could see swinging like a pendulum between his thighs as he moved to apply the oil.

    While I was cock watching a middle aged nude couple had walked to the end of the beach adjacent to where I was sitting and as I looked up I caught the lady smiling as she looked at my not so small erection. They began to walk back along the foreshore when the guy on the ledge turned to face the beach while slowly applying oil to his cock. The guy on the towel over from me was now sitting and watching the exhibitionist wanking himself in slow deliberate strokes. He could care less that he now had an audience. As the couple looked on in what seemed like disbelief, the guys cock was hardening as he and his lady friend continued to watch.

    The couple climbed up to the bushes behind the ledge as curiosity got the better of me and I wrapped a towel around my waist to conceal my rigid cock before heading up to join them. The exhibitionist had laid down on his towel with his glistening cock standing to attention and slowly continued to masturbate.

    He moved his hand away from his glistening cock and started to simulate a slow fucking motion lifting and lowering his hips until the couple went down, kneeled beside him and both wrapped their hands around the huge shaft. As I watched on the other guy from the beach arrived and asked if he could fondle my balls and cock. I didn't resist at all dropping my towel to reveal my very hard cock. I was so horney that I would have let anybody play with it at that moment. He kept commenting on how big my cock was and in what seemed like a few seconds I was ready to explode so I gently pushed the guys hand away saying I don't want to cum yet as we watched the orgy that was now eventuating in front of us. I was flattered by the comments, and at nine inches my cock is big however nothing like the guy who lay before us.

    The lady had straddeled him and lowered herself slowly onto his pole as her partner postioned himself so she could take him into her mouth. We joined them and as I fondled her ample tits the friendly guy from the beach had picked up the oil and resumed massaging my cock and balls. She was now really getting into it and started to moan in ecstacy as her partner, who had pulled away from her mouth, masturbated himself to ejaculation. Watching her moving up and down that massive shaft and moaning did it for me and I shot my load to the delight of my admirer. My new friend continued milking me until every last drop had been drained from my balls while the lady got off the pulsating pole and lay down on the ledge beside our exhibitionist exhausted.

    Interestingly, the exhibitionist was still wanting more so the guy who had wanked me silly reached over with both hands, one on top of the other, and continued masturbating him. It seemed like ages before he finally lifted his head a little, reached down placing his hand on top of the other guys hands pushing his cock down toward his stomach so the head pointed toward his chest. As he lifted his hand away he jerked his hips and cum exploded from his cock onto his face and upper chest. He quickly moved his hand back to get the guy to keep him pumping his shaft as he writhed in pleasure saying "don't stop, don't stop". Within a few seconds another load of cum gushed out of the very swollen head and over the pumping fists sliding up and down his massive pole. He told the guy to keep going as bits of cum continued to spray over his belly and flick up onto his chest. Finally he moved his hand down to his cock gently pushing away the other guys as he grabbed a tshirt in his other hand to wipe away the cum dripping from his face.

    Lying on his back with his legs wide open, his cocks circumsized head rested on the towel beneath him like a small snake resting in the sun. We had all towelled ourselves off and were commenting on how big his cock was when he reached for the oil and began to massage it again. In no time it was rock hard at which point he stood up and told us he was going for a swim to wash up and climbed down from the ledge. We watched him as he walked down the beach and enter the water. The rest of us exchanged pleasantries and headed off to our original positions on the beach. I picked up my gear looked once more at the exhibitionists fantastic cock slapping against his thighs as he walked from the water, waved goodbye and headed back to the hotel wishing I had brought my camera with me.

    . . . Continued in Part Two
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