I’m a sucker for a GREAT ass…but then who isn’t?

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    Case in point today; this morning after going to the gym coming home and checking out this site before showering I had to run some errands one of which was to run to VON’s for some groceries.

    I live in Westlake Village a upscale neighborhood in Ventura County just above Malibu along the 101 in Southern CA.


    Anyway on days like today when its still kind of gloomy and partly cloudy as well as mid-morning the grocery usually isn’t that crowded so I enjoy it. Today I no sooner enter the store and caught a young Westlake mom pushing her cart with her young kid around. She had those long black tights on with a sweatshirt and running shoes but it was after all that perky little tight ass that caught my eyes. As I got closer to where the apples and oranges were so proudly displayed I could help but notice she also had no noticeable panty lines. She was obviously a Mulatto with short cropped hair and those big trending bug eyed dark sunglasses but it was that butt and those legs in those tights that made me stop and drool several times. Damn she was hot and someone was incredibly lucky to share their bed and home with her too. As she turned to go the other way I also couldn’t help but notice she had nice firm breast too!

    I had lots to get so I had to keep moving through the produce and then down each isle it seemed.

    In the first isle there was a Latina or Filipina (I honestly couldn’t tell) in a line green hospital gown with an older woman in one of those chair type of carts. They were obviously together and this is a fairly common site out here as many have the money to have a nurse for home care. As she tried to reach some Pasta Sauce on a higher shelf all I could see was a fantastic ass with noticeable boy cut panty lines. As she rocked backwards and back on the ground she turned towards me with a huge inviting smile to ask if I would help (boy would I) anyway I got the sauce and looked into her eyes as I gave it to her – she was cute.

    Moving through the store the best was yet to come in the cheese and beer isle. A tall Brunet with a tight fitting black pencil skirt and tight white blouse that was sheer enough that you could see the bra underneath and dark high heels. As she bent slightly at the waste to look over some hot dogs I know my tongue must have hit the floor as she had great hips and that skirt just hugged her ass enough to give you every detail of it. No, I couldn’t make out the panty lines but I could see the tail of her blouse she was hot and smelled great too. The next isle while I was looking for a bottle of wine she came through and literally leaned across and in front of me and I brushed against her but accidentally in an attempt to steady her as she appeared to almost fall. She apologized for getting in front of me but I assured her there was no need to apologize.

    After finishing and then checking out walking out into the parking lot there she was again putting her bags up into a Escalade and the car was high enough she had to stretch up enough showing off those delicious calves and that butt!

    Yes I am a sucker for a GREAT ass; indeed I couldn’t wait to come home and get on this site and check out some of my favorite butts on this site as I sat and stroked my shaft until I exploded hot white lava all over myself.

    You woman sure do know how to torture us don’t you?
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