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    Yesterday I went out of town to vist family and my precious niece and adorable nephew he is such a cutie.But me and my family went to Kohl's for my sister and brother- in- law.While there I was just looking around and I saw this cute father with blonde hair and a chubby face.I kept watching him when he wasn't looking and hey whay gay guy can say they haven't done that at least once.After he walked away I noticed this yummy guy in green with a goatee and I kept looking at him when he wasn't looking he was cut boy i tell you.Then I noticed another blonde father and he was built i watched his butt and looked at his face among other things.Finally this other cute father with black hair walked by and i couldn't help but sneak a peek.I was in gay heaven yesterday.The last guy I couldn't stop watching and wanted to have my way with was this gorgeous,tanned athletic hunk with a orange and white shirt on where you could see his bulging muscles ripping out of his shirt.He had this delicious nose and his hair was shaved a little and I took a look at his butt constantly.He was extremely lickable baby!What I wanted to ask though is that I was wondering has anyone had experiences like these or of your own where you were just too shy to say or do anything?I have always been shy plus i was always bullied by the jocks.Even though i fantasized about them.How do you know if a guy is gay or not in this day and age because I would feel stupid if I asked that hunk if he wanted to go out and then he told he wasnt' gay.I would feel so stupid and humiliated if that ever happened.How do you all deal with the prejudice and narrow mindedness of others in this day and age because i find it so hard to bite my tongue about that.Email me or post your comments I would love to know what your opinions are about these subjects.How do you gain confidence in a world that is so hypocritical and narrowminded?It just seems so hard.:confused: :smile:
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