I am looking for two pictures of two apparently well-endowed men

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    I'm looking for two pictures of two different men (well equipped) from other Web Site. I do not know if photos are real or fake photos, but the truth, they are very impressive.

    Hi everyone!.

    I'm looking specifically for 2 photographs of two different men... they're overly well-endowed.

    I'll try to describe the two pictures as best I can and waiting for you to identify them so that I can help. What I ultimately would be or you publish them on this Web Site or send me my e-mail from Hotmail (yo_vampiracnida@hotmail.com) really would be very grateful for this!!!!.
    I had these two photos 5 years ago (or longer) can not remember what website I saw them, but I put them in my computer because I was very impressed. I should have to format computer and, I don't made backup of them.

    Description of photographs:

    1st Photo: The picture of a fat man (when I say "fat man" means he is fat man of belly, but, his thighs and legs look very thin) this man's belly is very big, is very swollen, very inflated. He has his shirt rolled up (the part that covers abdomen) and in the picture you can see his belly white skin. The guy is standing and he's showing his left side of camera, ie he is in a lateral position, he isn't facing the camera. In the lateral position can be seen very well along that he is a "member". As I said, he is a white man, seemed to me very pale. He has a little corporal hair and pubic hairs are not black, they're as light brown. In photograph he not removed completely but his pants, they're pants at his ankles. Photograph was taken inside a room and I remember that behind man had a couch and behind the couch was a window with ugly curtains, old-curtains like olive-green color. I can not remember if there was more furniture in the room, I think so. What most impressed me was seeing this photo of a fat man like that, with a super-mega-flaccid penis so large (that's why I save photo!). The truth!, I do not know if the photo is real or is faked, I think it looks very good, seems very real. The flaccid penis is a penis this guy also pale colors, between shades of white and pink.

    2nd photo: This picture is much like a photograph I saw in one of the groups LPSG.ORG, is very similar. It is a picture of a wrinkled old man, is a skinny man in addition, has the dark skin of the face by the Sun even though he is white man. This old man has shirt rolled up and he shows all the belly. He isn't wearing pants, waist down completely naked and I remember that I can see his shoes (I'm not sure about this!).
    This man also has a "huge-super-mega-cock"!!... His flaccid penis is a much darker color than skin of the belly and thighs and legs, color contrast of his cock and rest of his body is very impressive!. His "super flaccid penis" addition to being very long and thick (like a Salami) is also seen wrinkles. This old man has his back against a car, a pick-up or something. In the photo is also another man, a younger man, much younger than decrepit old man. This young man has a cap on his head and he is using it similar as used a baseball catcher and he carries a camera in his hands.

    If any of you've identified the photos and is holding please post on this web site or you send them to me my mail.

    Thank you very much and please excuse all this trouble (Yono Thanks, I'll try to do what you told me.)
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    I have seen picture of fatman you described to us. It was a photo where the most attention was size of abdomen and penis size of him. If I'm not mistaken that photo I saw was in Hotmail-Groups, but I do I have bad news: These groups were eliminated. If you didn't make one copy of those pictures I doubt very much that someone can find them for you. I wish you luck! (you're going to need it). The other photo: skinny oldman I have not seen yet!. Sorry I can not help you!, but you know what Web was one of them.
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    A picture truly is worth a thousand words :/
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