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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Imported, Apr 27, 2004.

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    steve_w: After lurking for a few months, and noticing this is a great gang of guys on here. I don't think i'm particularly big, and am more of a grower than a shower. My small body size however makes my penis look bigger I am only 5 ft 8 tall, and about 135 pounds, with a 28 inch waist. I can't really complain about my size too much, erect, I'm about 7 inches long, and about 4 inches in circumfrence. I shrink up pretty bad though when it goes soft, at only about 2.5 inches long and about 3 inches circumfrence.

    Unlike many of you here, I have tried since puberty attempting to show a little bulge at least. This also goes contrary to popular culture today, where it seems like most men my age and younger go out of their way to conceal their bulge. This has always puzzled me. Women wear push-up bras and other material to show off their assets, why is it so taboo that men do the same? I've tried various types of underwear over the years and now have just decided to freeball, which is the way I go most of the time. This is always flustered my mom, who can't seem to figure out why I wouldn't want to wear underwear. One lucky thing is even at the age of 29, I am still as sensitive as I was as a teenager, and getting an erection is just as easy. By and large, living with my big member has not been too terribly bad at all!

    I guess you could call me a "vaginial virgin" because I've been with women, but only gone as far as blowjobs and masterbating each other. Speaking of masterbating, Yes, I do it quite frequently. I have masterbated with a few other men, but I consider myself heterosexual, since I am truly turned on by women. One nice thing I've gotten comfortable with from reading the posts around here is that it's not really a bad thing to enjoy sexual pleasure from other men, and it doesn't make me gay to enjoy it.

    Even though I have not spoken or written to any of you guys directly, you have touched me in fairly significant ways, and given me more confidence. One of the things I have done recently is trimmed up pubic hair and my armpit hair, and I realize now that I'm not the only one that does this either, and that it's not weird. Thanks guys, and I'm looking forward to conversing with everyone here in the future!
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    Thanks for chiming in, steve. It's good to hear from a guy who appreciates our community.

    It's nice to be stroked (pun intended.)
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    For me personally, I always feel gratified (and that my time is well justified in staying with the LPSG) when I read of men like you who have been helped from our topics and our comments. I like to think that for every one man (or woman) who has "spoken up" about what he or she gets from this community, there probably are at least a hundred more who benefit --even though we're likely to never hear from them! But, we HAVE heard from you now, and that's good.

    We men can often punish our minds, our overall emotional health and our very well being throughout our lives over such simple, common ideas and notions about our sexuality. It's all so stupid. By hanging around here, we quickly learn as a gender, we're not so different afterall! ;)

    Steve....I'm glad you're with us.

    The two things I wish we ALL could overcome as men is the phobia over size and the "labeling" of each other when we show the least bit of interest or curiosity in each other's dimensions. All that stuff....is very stupid, too!

    I call it "stupid" because many of our "male frustrations" can impede and diminish the ability for us to enjoy our lives. The younger we start to address these male sexual issues, the better because we'll then be better able to accept and adjust to how we ALL think, behave, and react as men. We would thus avoid (for many of us ;) ) the years wasted in speculating we're not normal when in fact, we're QUITE normal, ....and have been all along. If ONLY someone could have told us!
    (and we could have believed them!)

    IMHO----THAT's why this forum is so great.
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    Northern Chicago, IL USA
    From a guy that hangs around a couple of different forums, really, this is one of the nicer communityies I've seen. One forum I'm apart of, I swear, no less the 40% of the threads are 10-20 page flamewars. And I've been PMed in yahoo by alot of guys welcoming me to the fold. Really awesome circle, I'm glad to be apart of it.
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