I had a Crazy Nightmare.

Discussion in 'Et Cetera, Et Cetera' started by Mem, Nov 16, 2008.

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    It made no sense, but when I woke up I was frightened.

    I was in a basement in Newark NJ as a hostage. Everyone was white. We still had our cell phones. One girl started to use her cellphone and I tired to distract two of the captors. Turns out she just called to chat with someone instead of calling for help.:biggrin1:

    There was a large group of people being held captive. At one point they all try to escape and the kidnappers collapse the floor into a ramp and everyone gets injured. I remember in the dream thinking it was a movie because I was thinking that some of the people were stunt people.

    I somehow just walk out. There are two young adults behind a gate M/F playing with rubber balls in the driveway. Then they set them down and start to leave. One of the balls runs down the driveway. I tell them, but they say it's fine and they leave.

    As I am walking away I try to get the intersection to call police. I can't get it right so I walk to the next corner. For some reason I decide to climb a ledge. I keep going up and then I am afraid because I am too high up and am sitting on the ledge. (I've had similar ledge nightmares before)

    I call 911 and they say that they can rescue the others, but that I may get in trouble. Then I wake up.
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