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    I have this crazy desire for this to happen sometime:

    We finally decide to say the hell with the rat race and take a nice kind of expensive vacation, somewhere warm with a beach and many many black men. Our choice is a secluded island in the carribean that caters to all the desires of married couples just like us. Before we go, my husband takes me shopping for clothes to wear to clubs and bikinis for the beach. Of course he picks out extremely tiny bikinis that barely cover my big nipples and the bottoms make my pussy protrude evern more than it normally does, I guess its okay. The club wear he picks out is awesome. Slightly see through, short,slinky and white with matching crotchless panties. A few more see through tank tops and short tight shorts that reveal my puffy pussy to the extreme and we are set.
    The first day on the beach is like a dream. Very relaxing, very warm and a lot of young, black men and woman that attend to our every need, drinks, towels and lotion application if we wanted. I was in heaven. I had three muscular very black young boys attending to my every wish while my husband just sat back like a conductor telling them what I needed. "Another clean towel for my wife, and then all three of you, apply suntan lotion to my wife's back." As I lay there, my bikini strings were undone as the three of them slowly began to apply lotion to my back beginning with my shoulders. Wow, the sensation of having 6 hands on my back was delightfull. Every now and then a hand would gentley rub the sides of my big breasts that were squished out the sides from lying on them. The hands began to move down, closer to the top of my butt cheeks as I slowly spread my legs apart so they could apply lotion to the insides of my soft thighs.
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