i have a weird thing about dressing up..

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    i am a 23 years old female ...


    1. sleeping in lingerie
    2. dressing up in stocking and garters
    3. dressing up as school girl

    i feel like im too young to be sleeping in lingerie. isn't that for older women like when my mom was in her 30s and 40s? right now, isn't a short booty boxers sexy enough to sleep in? (when my bf is around) i feel so old if i wear lingerie to bed and kinda fake. i feel like im saving/reserving lingerie for when im older

    r there women that wear lingerie to bed every night? does lingerie= you're ganna get some?

    when i dress up in stockings etc.. i dont think they are aesthically pleasing. it doesn't look pretty to me fashion wise. also, i feel like an object when im dressed in these get ups. it makes me not like to do it, i never told my bf but he seems to like these things quite a bit.

    does any lady out there share simliar sentiments?
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    Man, I can't tell you how you sexy a nice fitting pair of cotton shorts and nice tight teeshirt are. The way they wrap around a womans butt, stomach, and breasts without distorting her natural figure just drives me wild.

    Then again I can't tell you how tired I am of the hip hugger pants. Most of the time they are cut in a way that just completely distorts a woman's natural curves giving them the look of the "dumpy butt cut". I'm not saying bring in the waist bands that go up to the belly button, but a higher waist band sure helps to put the butt back where it belongs and keep the handles from spilling over the waist. Most of the time they will make a woman look like she has handles when she really doesn't

    My Mom was a seamstress, and worked out of the home. She designed dresses, and the like. There was always a steady stream of beautiful women in and out of the house being fitted for clothes and the like so I have developed an eye for this kind of thing.
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