I Just Watched WALK THE LINE...the Movie Bio Thread

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    Well that was a good movie! Lots of good rockabilly music, Elvis and Jerry lee sightings. Movie bios are always so condensed they basically make you wish it had been a mini-series on tv where the characters were more developed. I hate to admit (as much as I like him) that I don't know all of johnny Cash's info so I can only say it was an enjoyable movie. 60 Minutes did a better interview w/him.
    The prob w/most star movie bios is it all depends on who's point of view they're portraying. If this had been a movie about JC's first wife it would have been an entirely different movie. Likewise if you consider Sweet Dreams the Patsy Cline movie bio....it's less believeable than the Ellis Norris bio of Patsy in that as wonderful as the movie was the character played by Sam Shepard was completely made up as a vehicle to move the story along. Personally I ahve a BIG problem with that.
    I think if someone's dtory is good enough or interesting enough to tell onscreen thenn it ought to be told as close to the truth as possible. It would just be more enjoyable if you knew it was as close to the truth as possible.
    Say as with Coal Miner's Daughter...the Loretta Lynne book/movie. She's still alive, she wrote the book and someone else made the movie, yet no one had come forward to say anything in the movie wasn't true or didn't happen the way it was portrayed. Yet it's well known that even the outline of Patsy Cline's life is true, that whole movie makes it almost fiction for me just because of the reporter character.
    Then go to another Jessica Lang movie Frances. According to her story the truth depends on wether it can be proven someone else wrote Will There Ever Be A Morining or if she did indeed write it herself.
    maybe it's just me...I'm always so disappointed later when I find out fact like these and how the bio's were augmented or changed.......You?
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