I knew a girl who liked it just like this

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    Teasing you at dinner, walking through the restaurant your hand brushes against my hardness. Before I hold your seat for you, you back slightly into my torso and feel the hard thickness press against your ass, a wave of desire shooting through your loins. During dinner you reach underneath the table and feel it running halfway down my thigh, you grasp it tightly, your hand unable to encircle the entire girth. You want it, bad. On the cab ride home you give me a blowjob but can only get half of it in your mouth. Your pussy tingles in anticipation. We stop before I cum. Inside, I worship and ravish your beautiful body, kissing your mouth and tonguing your pussy deeply and powerfully. Bringing you to the heights while pressing the underside of my big cock into different parts of your body, making you yearn for it as you feel my hot precum. You feel secure and so wanted in my strong yet tender embrace. Then you feel the thick head of my cock going in, slowly, slowly. I pause to let your pussy stretch, hearing your moans, almost groans, as the sheer size of my dick consumes your being. But if feels too good, too hard, to stop. I'm opening you up, feeling your pussy stretch and spread to accommodate the thickness. Slow but steady, you moan in painful ecstasy as I take you. Deep. Deeper. Deeper. You are stretched so tight around my full cock, as it bottoms gently yet completely buried in your pussy. You feel impaled on my thick, hot, hard flesh pole. I take you powerfully, with long deep thrusts, sometimes fast and hard, sometimes slow and easy, bringing you to new heights of pleasure. My cock owns your pussy and you cannot stop from writhing in blissful ecstasy as you take my powerful manhood. It feels too big but it feels so good. So good.
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