I know how to pump safely is easy with a gauge but no idea how jelq safely

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    Pump is easy if you follow a guide...
    If you stay under 5in hg of pressure you pump around 30 minutes with break at least every 10 minutes with a gently massage and you can't go wrong is quite easy...
    But jelqing seems really difficult i'm scared i coud injure my self and to be honest also watching video i didn' understand really well how it work...
    I know there are jelq machine isn' better to use that instead of pushing pulling with the hands?
    And also seems complicate like for jelqing you should have a semierect penis like 50% erection is not very easy to mantain this condition it's in few second starting with 50% you can turn in 100% erection or easly to 0% completly soft...
    And i didn't understand when you speak about jelqing you think about one exercise or there are different type.Cause some video seems different from others.The last thing i would like to is injure my penis there is a way to jelq really safely with 0 risk like pumping 3-4 in hg for 20-30 min minutes total with at least 3 breaks?
    I really would like to learn the correct and safe way of jelqing...You think would be possible?
    I'm 7x5,3 when i'm 100% hard and i'm fine with my lenght maybe i would like to be a little more but i don't care but i would like to increase strongly my girth.And for what i read in this forum combining pumping and jelqing promote the best results for girth.
    But more than size erection quality is the most important thing so i don't want risky exercise and a weaker penis...
    Huge girth and hard rock penis this is my goal!

    7,5x6,3 would be a dream for me!
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