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    So, It has been a while since i made a thread. School and stuff is murder. Well anyways I've been thinking a lot lately...

    I'm not a sappy sad story but the past few years since my grandmother's death in 2004 have been, for a lack of a better word. "shit." Everything seemed to go wrong and the few times when things where good, they quickly where over shadowed but more shit. What hurts most is the recent break up with my ex. Given the fact that he was the first person I fell in love with. that's just a given and i have come to understand that. there is a difference tho.

    I don't feel so afraid anymore. About anything. I used to be so unhappy. there where times when I even had to battle depression with no help and the months leading up to by break up, i used to hate myself even more.

    This new feeling of what I like to call freedom is great. Its obvious that this just comes with the territory of becoming older. (I am 18) But I'm happy. even tho there a a few problems that still linger. I find myself thinking of them as redundancies.

    Anyways moving on. So I met this guy. Really sweet and sexy. We have skyped a few time... well a lot actually. and Even tho nothing may become of this, he is really nice and has made me feel more at ease. It might be too soon to visit him but its a likable idea.

    and if he is reading this, i just want to say thanks you and remember that your accent is sexy. ;)

    opps forgot to add a question for you guys....

    what is up with air plain food?? egh?
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