I Love Long Weekends (MMF With Wife & Friend)

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    Based on a real experience, here's a story I put together for an upcoming blog.

    My wife and I had a get together over the long weekend, and had a few of our friends over. Amongst these friends was one of my co workers whom we've known for about a year.
    During this time he and my wife would innocently flirt together and both had expressed to me, on numerous occasions, how they found each other attractive.

    Since my buddy and I both had Monday and Tuesday off, he hung around after our other guests had left for the evening and helped us clean up. The kids had school on Tuesday, so they hit the sack about 10:00.

    It was getting close to 11:00 and my friend and I were just hanging out in the living room shooting the shit and watching the news. Well, I though we were watching the news...I caught a glimpse of my buddy gazing off toward our bedroom door. I turned to see what he was looking at and realized that my wife had gone to change in our bedroom, and left the door open just a tiny bit. Well, it was enough to offer a peek at her changing. I smirked and pretended not to notice a thing.

    When she emerged, she was wearing one of my white button down dress shirts that hung down to her mid thighs. She often likes to wear my shirts to bed and I do not mind because she looks great in 'em! She strolled by us and smiled as she headed to the restroom.

    This seemed like the perfect time to get my wife and friend together. I had often thought about it, and it seemed like now was the time.
    I got up, told my buddy I'd be right back, and followed my wife into the bathroom.

    I told her how friggin' hot she looked, and she pulled her shirt up to reveal that she wasn't wearing any panties. I then suggested that maybe our friend might like some attention, and her grin widened. She looked at me and asked if I was sure I wanted her to 'take the flirting further'. I nodded, and she suggested that I go back and sit with him on the couch.

    I went back to the living room and sat beside my buddy on the couch, waiting anxiously for my wife to return.

    She entered the living room still wearing the white button up shirt, however, it was unbuttoned, revealing her sexy cleavage and firm tummy. My friend pulled his stare away from her and looked at me. I innocently shrugged and said to my wife, "and what are you doing, my dear"?
    "Oh, there were a couple beers left", she replied, "so I figured I'd bring them to you boys".
    She then knelt down on the floor between us, facing us. My friends face flushed as he looked at her exposed cleavage.
    She then rested one arm on his leg and the other arm on mine, holding the beers up for us to grab. My friend grabbed his beer and took a big swig, he was clutching the bottle like a security blanket!

    She then began to gently rub each of our cocks, through our pants. One with each hand. Our friend looked at each of us and quietly muttered "Is this cool?" My wife quickly told him that it was fine and to sit back and enjoy!

    Her eyes widened as my friends cock grew, her hand tracing the bulge of his dick through his pants. As I glanced over, I could see that he had a bulge starting to extending past the middle of his right thigh. Now, I have I guess a pretty average cock at 6 1/2 inches, but it looked like the wife was in for a pretty big treat with my buddy's dick! She looked up at me and said "excuse me a minute while I check this out".

    She proceeded to turn her full attention to our friends cock. She looked up at him with a big grin and said "Wow, I always wondered what you were carrying in here". She slowly unbuttoned his pants and lowered his zipper. I watched this with my own erection now at full mast! She opened his pants to reveal the massive bulge that was pushing up at his biker type under shorts. She smiled and gently bit her lip, all the while continuing to gently rub his cock. Now positioned between my friends legs, my wife then grabbed the elastic waistband of his under shorts and pulled them down...His dick sprung out, and even my eyes widened as his monster was revealed! My wife let out a sound that was a cross between the word 'wow' and a moan. She grasped the base of his dick with her right hand and just stared at his monster cock. "I have never seen anything like this in real life" she laughed. She shot me a wide eyed glance and mouthed the words 'oh my god!' I looked at my friend and asked him" damn dude, what do you feed that thing!?" He looked at us, flushed, and could only let out a short giggle. He then informed us that he had in fact measured his snake before and that it came in at a whopping 9 1/2 inches!

    Never letting her gaze, or right hand, leave his cock, my wife repositioned herself back in between us, still kneeling on the floor. She then undid my pants with her left hand, pulled down my boxers, and began to rub my raging hard on. She tugged at our friends pants and gestured for him to assist in removing them. He quickly arched his back to allow for his pants to easily slide down his legs. I did the same.

    My wife then assisted each of us with pulling our pants off from around our ankles and then continued to jerk each of our cocks. She then looked up at me and began slowly licking the head of my cock, still jerking our friends cock with her right hand. She did this for about thirty seconds before turning her attention to Mr. Anaconda!

    She looked up at him and and began to lick the tip of his cock, the head bulging as she applied pressure to the base. He let out a soft moan as she then ran her tongue on the underside of his dick. She slowly ran her tongue up and down the full length of his shaft, causing him to moan more. She continued to work my cock with her left hand, causing me to groan also.

    She then turned to my cock and took the whole length in her mouth, pausing when she had the whole thing swallowed up. I grunted as she quickly moved her tongue around the base of my cock. She continued blowing my dick as she stroked his cock faster and faster. Then turning her attention back to him, she looked at him and opened her mouth to engulf his cock. She slowly worked her way up and down on his shaft, causing him to moan and breathe heavily. She then slowly attempted to deep throat his cock! Slowly, she forced her head down onto his shaft. Within 15 seconds, she had his whole cock in her mouth. He closed his eyes and let out a big moan, telling her that he had only been deep throated once before. She then continued to suck his dick, moaning and slurping as she went. All this time, I was so aroused watching her do her thing. I always figured it would be hot to see her do this, but now that it happened, it was hotter than I ever imagined.

    As she continued to suck his cock, she could taste the pre cum starting to come out and could feel by the way his dick was twitching that he was getting close to coming. She instructed us to sit closer together. She turned to me and took my cock in her mouth as she continued to quickly jerk him. At this point, I was ready to blow my load at any time and she knew it! She positioned her head between our cocks and continued stroking both of us. She then put the head of his monster cock back in her mouth, and that was all it took! She jerked his big dick as his cum spurted out in long, thick streams. His first blast shot right into her waiting mouth, followed by a stream on her left cheek, her nose, her forehead and her hair! She simultaneously jerked me to orgasm, and I also got her in the mouth, on the nose, on her cheeks and I just missed her eye. She was moaning and smiling the whole time we were plastering her with cum.

    With both our cocks fully drained, I went to get a towel for my wife. As she wiped off our cum, the three of us discussed how fun that just was. It took my wife under five minutes to suck us both off and I know I was ready to blow it after only about a minute into it. Watching her perform was absolutely hot and our friend said that he almost came as soon as she touched him.
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    Damn thats a hot story. Hope there's more
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    Awesome, well written..I've had a few experiences with a woman and her husband also but i could never write as well as you
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