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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by killerbeedick, Jun 7, 2011.

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    I have commited myself to a real PE routine finaly and I must say the results and great thus far, and only about 4 weeks into it... I pump and jelq, and this is my routine...

    Day 1
    -pump 10min, then shower and jelq 10min, hot water soak 5min, finshed
    Day 2
    -shower jelq 10min, then later that day I will pump hard for 10-20min and then shower and jelq again
    Day 3

    this seems to be working really well, I am tottaly new to this and I would love to have any tips or criticism in regards to my PE routine... and may I say that last year I measured my dick and it was 6 1/4 inches just for the hell of it, and now after 4-5 or so weeks of PE, i'm 7 and 1/2, its crazy! I also use testosterone and will be useing HGH soon too, I really think this has somthing to do with it considering how these drugs help help the healing process and will aid in fast recovery and erection strength, blood flow ect... maybe I should add a stretch routine too, I'm just scared of doing too much! What is considered too much and how do you know? Thanks!
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    Darwin, Australia
    Hi there - a warm welcome coming your way. Check out the forums for those questions you want answers for - there is always someone here who has the answers for you. Good to see you here at lpsg. Enjoy. Cheers.
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