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    I'm 18 and i moved from missouri to North Carolina with my 16y/o girlfriend(fiance) about a month or two ago(she had been there since april 10th. We are having some problems pertaining to her future.

    In the place she was living(with her mother, sister, and me) her future was taking a nose dive. For the two months before I arrived her mother didnt have a job, and borrowed the money to move. Her mother put a deposit for the rent on the house and paid for the first month or so of basic utilities(water, electricity) But after putting the deposit down she spent the remaining money on Marijuana, and therefore she couldnt pay for further utilities or Food for her children.

    They scraped by on MRE's(Meals-Ready to-Eat) which they recieved from her mother's ex boyfriend. Her mother did however recieve bit of money by signing photographs at wrestling conventions(shes a hasbeen for the Christian Wrestling Association) and this only provided enough money to ensure that they didnt starve. (keep in mind that her mother took her younger sister to the signings and left my girlfriend alone for days at a time.)

    Finally she stopped buying food and started buying clothes and make-up with the scraps of money she made(i feared tht my gf was in extreme danger of starving) And while her mother was gone for a week, at the beginning of the 2nd month, my gf was left in the house for 6 days without water or electricity, and hardly any food.

    And the school she was attending presented absolutely no of recieving a scholarship, or a way to get into a good college. Also, her mother was verbally abusive and on one occasion(to my knowledge) hit my gf repeated with a flipflop(sandal)

    She's never been diagnosed with it, but I believe her mother to be Bipolar. She has had a few episodes in which she to talks seriously(while crying) to my gf and her younger sister about killing herself. Also she verbally attacks my gf for no reason at all other than to just be angry at her. These depressive and angry states happen atleast a few times a month.

    It's not hard to see that my girlfriends future is in peril; academically, physically and mentally. So we wanted to get her out. When it got down to the wire we tried to call CPS, but there wa no answer. So after calling several other places we finally called the police department. She told us the legal age to move out in the state is 16(this was confirmed by three officers of the law)

    So the next morning, after her mother left for another signing gig we packed up all that we could and came back to missouri.(this happened today)

    A few hours ago her mother called my father and asked for my license plate number, and the adress of the place i might stay, he didn't know what the hell was going on(and still doesnt) so he didnt give her the info.

    She said she is going to track me down and press kidnapping charges against me for taking her daughter(keep in mind this was mainly her daughter's idea)

    So I'm wondering if she can do anything since her daughter has left north carolina and is living in missouri with me, where the legal age to move out is 17(she doesnt turn 17 for 5 more months) Can she press any kind of charges against me? and if so, which ones?

    the police said she couldnt do anything at all, but we're trying to make sure!

    I also want to know if she can get emancipated without parental consent, and how? If her and I can marry without parental consent? Or even if my parents can foster her! I'm not sure how all of this will work out since her mother lives in a different state.

    Any help is helpful, please we're in direstraights!
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    Call the Missouri police and ask them. I lived in Missouri (and the KC Metro area) for eons, but I don't know the laws about this.
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    Why dont you tell her you're calling the protection agencies about her other daughter who must still be living in the same conditions, and actually do it, this would get her off your back and it would also help the other daughter.
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