I never knew the human body could feel like this..

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    Hi everyone,

    For those who do not know me i joined LPSG a while back when i was curious and prior to doing anything with other boys. Since this time i was able to have my first experience which was giving a blowjob. After 10 seconds i was absolutely hooked and knew my curious wasn't going to stop at this experience, so fast forward now and i would say i have blown 8 boys with the most erotic experience having a blowjob threesome. I also have a regular blowjob buddy where we would spend one friday night around once a month blowing each other till the sun came up. Lush is an understatement. The feel of cum flying around in your mouth is just so fucking hot.

    Anyhow, i had never tried being fucked but the curiosity was growing. I use to use a prostate massager ever so often and was able to have the mini consecutive orgasms. A few nights ago i was at my suck buddys house and his other mate was over who is also bi. I was a little drunk but nothing crazy, but my suck buddy asked if he can fuck me. i was in a very horny drunken stat so i agreed haha. He is asian and had the most beautiful cock, 8 inches but not overly wide which made it nice for my frist time. Sure enough there we were on his bed, he was slowly fucking me pressing me in all the right places and i was more or less paralised from pleasure, just letting out little bursts of cum followed my moans. Meanwhile his mate is sitting 3m away playing playstation, making fun of me pretending to moan haha. After 15 mins and 5 or 6 baby orgasms i just couldnt take it any longer. My mate knew this so he has his mate to come to the bed, which he did, lean over and start sucking me off. I lasted 10 seconds. It was by far the most heightened orgasmic experience i have ever EVER experienced. Being fucked and sucked at the same time to orgams. As the title said, i had no idea the human body could induce such pleasure. Afterward i layed there almost crying for an hour lol...

    Just wanted to share my experience :)
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