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    So I was at my best friend's wedding over the weekend and it was out of town and a weekend long event. I was asked to be the MC because Iv done it many times in the past. So after my duties were finished I had a couple drinks with some friends and I guess they went stright to my head. I'v been told that i am the best drunk ever. Im SUPER happy, I dance with everyone and I am the life of they party.

    I mutual friend of the groom and mine, was there and we all use to hang out until he opened his own business about 4 years ago and it all went to his head. Hes now a real pompus arrogant asshole. A real "mans man" if you know what I mean. The type who will go bragging to everyone everytime he cheats on his girlfriend.... charming.

    Everyone knows about me being gay and are in love with my boyfriend and I except for him. Hes just going to have a stupid remark that is gonna upset me or something and I see him like once a year so whats the real point in letting him into my private life.....until the wedding this past weekend.

    I was a little passed my limit and was going around making everyone laugh and going in and outside when appearently I stopped outside to talk to this guy and another one of my best friends when the conversation changed topic to this guys 6" cock. I leaned over and said "oh yeah... thats not bad but doesent hold a flame to my boyfriends 9" cock... yeah... thats how i like them"... laughed and walked away.

    Well my BF told me this the next morning because I didn't remember any of it and at first I was mortified but then... I was like "fuck it" He doesent matter and I really dont give a shit. I would have given anything to have watched my say that to him and watch his head pop! hahah

    I dont know what possessed me to come out and say that to him that night. May be it was my subconscience saying "I dont care any more.... Knock knock...whos there... ya Im gay"

    Anyways.... I think its rather funny and thought Id share it with all of you!
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