I think his wife hates me

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    So I was visiting the gloryhole three months ago, and I met this guy who loves having his uncut cock sucked regularly. So who am I to not give the man what he desires. Anyways we made it a regular weekend thing at the gloryhole. I know he's married (sun tan around his finger), but he doesn't know that I know. I figured it's one of those,"I'm married and she doesn't like sucking cock anymore" deals. So if she won't do it, then I will. I mean a man has his needs and I look at it this way, she doesn't need to be burdened with her husbands orgasmic oral habits.
    He invited me over to his house one day, around 2:30pm. He states that no one will be around til about 5:00pm or so. I noticed he hid all the pics around the house, but hey what do I care, I'm there to get the job done right? So he flops down on the couch and turns on a video (porn of course). I get down on my knees and start unbuttoning his pants. I can feel his hard cock eagerily awaiting to burts out. I start to lick his balls and stroke his cock. I give it a good squeeze and slow upward stroke and watch as his precum cums to the top of his head and starts oozing, I catch it as it begans to stretch downward. All of a sudden I hear keys jingling and the door began to open. He states,"Oh fuck!", A woman at the door throws her keys at him and yells," What in the fuck is this shit?!" She looks at me as I am wiping my mouth dry. "Who in the fuck are you and why is my husbands cock in your mouth?" I told her, "Uh ya know what, I think I better go." She said, "Oh no, you're not going anywhere, until you finish what you came here for, you lil faggot." I looked at her husband, looked at her and was confused for a second. I asked her,"You want me....." She interupted and said,"That's right mother fucker, if you think you can satisfy my man better then me, then suck his cock and prove it!" She yelled at him a lil more and told him that if he didn't let me finish the job, she was gonna divorce him. So I got back on my knees and he pulled his cock out again, I frightenly sucked on it with conviction. She watched and told me,"C'mon you lil bitch, suck that cock harder." I was getting extremely horny and my cock was throbbing. Needless to say she was getting off on the situation as well. She sat on the couch, lifted her skirt and started to manipulate her clit. In just a short time he began to shoot his load all ove my face and in my mouth. She came over and with her finger, slid the cum on my face into my mouth. And she stated,"You better not waste a fuckin drop, you cum whore." I ate it all, I mean who was I to do otherwise, I thought the women ws gonna kill me. She then stated with a grin,"Not bad lil girl, next time you decide to suck my husbands,you better ask for permission...BITCH!".
    I left the house and walked about five miles, and all I could think about was how I wasn't gonna be able to see him anymore. About a week later, he called me and asked if I would come over. I said,"What about your wife?" He said,"She wants you to come over too.". When I got to the house, they invited me into the bedroom. They undressed me and She took off her clothes, she was wearing a strap-on doldo and he ordered me to suck her cock. While I was sucking her cock he lubed my ass up and I could feel him enter me,"Uhhhhhh", I sighed. She said,"Shut the fuck up you lil bitch and take that cock." I was getting sooo fuckin horny. About an hour later she asked me to get underneath the both of them while he fucked her from behind standing up. She ordered me to lick his balls and her clit as he fucked her. Moments later, I could hear him grunting and moaning as he shot his load deep in her pussy. I started to get up and she yelled, "Don't you move, you fucking whore, I wanna cum in your mouth." I regained my position and I could see him pull out, she quickly grabbed the back of my head and squeezed out globs of cum into my mouth, some running down her leg as I lapped it up like a dog. I licked her pussy clean and she leaned down, grabbed the back of my head and french kissed me. This alone set off my cock, and before ya know it, ropes of thick white cum was flying in the air.
    Needless to say we meet up regularly and love the relationship, but I swear she hates me for changing the dynamics in her bedroom. I mean she still talks shit to me whenever we just lay back and talk. But who gives a fuck, she's hot, he's hot and the sex is hot.
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    near Monterey, Calif.
    Hot being with both of them, although I'm not much on rough talk :smile:
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    Lol...great story. Good details and description, i'm still laughing...imagining the wife as me. I would have asked you to stay and divorced his bi ass. Seems like you all won...thanks for sharing
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