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    I have been dating a girl for a couple months and she has genital herpes, well I had sex with her for the first time last week and now Im stressed that I may be infected. We used condoms and she did not have an outbreak nor has she had any feelings of an outbreak. I only penetrated her for about 10 minutes or less, it wasnt very long, but did it 3 times. This happened on Friday night and I have been very stressed ever since. I dont think Im going to do it again, its put so much stress on me that its not worth it. Do you think that I have anything to worry about? I have checked for the open sores but find nothing, the only thing on my penis are small white bumps that are all over the shaft and balls, these very well could have been there before hand, I just never noticed them b/c I wasnt really looking for anything. The only other symptom I may have is there has been some itching in my testicles, but I also shaved my balls on Friday afternoon and it could be the hair growing back that is causing the itching, which isnt a bad itch, basically readjust and it goes away. Also, I have heard that a fever is an indication, I may have a fever, but not sure. I feel kind of warm all over, but no way to really tell. Sorry for the babble, but Im kind of stressed and want some reassurance because I know the risk of infection is really low.

    Thanks for any help anyone can offer.
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    possible genetal herpes contact - Search - MedHelp

    This is a great site with professional and patients answering your questions.
    Statistically, you may already be infected, and not from your current partner.
    Usually the first outbreak is the worst and symptoms and outbreaks ease-up.
    Stress and Worry are a huge contributing factor to herpes outbreaks.
    Relax, go easy, wear protection and be aware (through open communication) when your partner has a break out.
    Check with your MD and tell them your concerns and sexual behaviors.
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