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I was a bull...


Sexy Member
May 16, 2007
DC Metro
100% Straight, 0% Gay
It wasn't the normal bar pickup. I had a pretty tough week and decided to head out for a night of drinking and relaxing. Well, Instead, I met a beautiful woman who was out looking for a good time, I opted to share a few drinks with her before she decided to share her sexual desires with me. Before I knew it, her hands were feeling up my slightly tight jeans, trying to get my dick to respond. I took the shot of tequila before me and she slipped my hand in up her skirt, lustfully saying, "you have me wet, before swiping her pussy finger across my lips before I could respond. She was clearly not a normal bar whore, but rather someone seeking more.

She lived only a few blocks from the bar, so I followed her back to this very lavish townhouse in the city. Not what I'd call small by any means. We made our way to her master bedroom, which was clearly used only for great sex. She took out a blindfold and put it on me, then held me down and started using her tongue to explore every inch of my body. The way she licked my nipples and sucked my balls just drove me nuts. It drove me wild to hear her say, "You are all man." She took off the blindfold and to my surprise, I saw another guy sitting on chair across from the bed. I was shocked and almost couldn't move. She looked at me, "He's my fiance, and there's no way he can satisfy me the way you can. He knows this, it gets him off to see a real dick please a woman."

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An ok start would have been better if it was longer but over all its pretty good