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    Of course, I'll be using all filks:

    Blame Florida (TTTO "Blame Canada")

    Paul O'Neill: Times have changed
    Our economy's getting worse
    Bush won't fund programs to fix it
    Without businesses or church

    Al Gore: Should we blame Ralph Nader?
    Wolf Blitzer: Should we blame Fox News?
    Joe Lieberman: Or the fact that Gore's running mate was a Jew?

    Al Sharpton: No, blame Florida
    Everyone: Blame Florida
    Al Sharpton: With their senility
    And illegibility
    Everyone: Blame Florida
    Blame Florida
    Al Sharpton: We need to form a full assault
    It's Florida's fault

    Jesse Jackson: Don't blame me
    Because I'm American
    The Florida list of felons
    Looks like it was drafted by the Klan
    Patrick Leahy: Talk of weapons
    Which existed as much as elves
    But when I ask Cheney questions he tells me to fuck myself!

    Al Sharpton: Well, blame Florida
    Everyone: Blame Florida
    Al Sharpton: It seems everything's gone wrong
    Since this administration came along
    Everyone: Blame Florida
    Blame Florida
    Bill Clinton: They're shaped like a cigar anyway

    Howard Stern: I've been in trouble before, it's a-true
    But after Janet Jackson I was out like Jellies shoes
    Everyone: Should we blame Miss Jackson?
    Should we Justin Timberlake?
    Or should we blame that music is so fake?
    Al Sharpton: Heck no!
    Everyone: Blame Florida
    Blame Florida
    Where they don't know false from true
    Rosie O'Donnell: And ban gay marriage too
    Everyone: Blame Florida
    Blame Florida
    The flop we must stop
    E-votes we must trash
    All since 2-K-1
    Must all be undone
    We must declare war
    Before they can screw up in two thousand fooooooooooooouuuuuuuur
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