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ID/more vids of this thick dicked guy

Discussion in 'Gay Adult Websites' started by jarredm55, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. jarredm55

    jarredm55 Lurker

    Nov 26, 2008
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    Seen at 10:30 and also 11:39. I remember him from Xtube, but I think his vids were removed. I remember that he was straight, and I think from a state with few people, like Montana, the Dakotas, Wyoming, basically somewhere out west.

    I have seen him in other compilations, there is at least another vid where he's leaning back on a bed, and another where he is walking around filming down on his cock, and it's waving back and forth like crazy... It looked super-wide too, maybe 2.5", and I would guess his base girth at 7"++. The views in the video above don't quite capture the tremendous width, nor the length really.

    Ideally, if anybody knows if his videos remain uncut and unedited somewhere, please do share. The brief clips in these compilations are just not enough. Or if anyone happens to have them and can upload them somewhere, all the better. I'd at least just like to know his Xtube name, so I can do my own digging.


    This may be him at 0:33 as well =>http://monstercockland.com/media/102288/Biggest_Dicks_On_The_Net_Pts._III__IV/

    And 4:32 => http://monstercockland.com/media/108365/Biggest_Dicks_On_The_Net_Pts._V__VI/
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