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    I have seen up to about 1/8 cup (two tablespoons) ejaculation at monsters of cock. I think if I shot 1 tablespoon it would be enough. You know, enough to cover a girls chest or face and have it running down.

    I love to see a long thick stream of come shooting three or more times.

    Average is 2-6 ml (1/3 - 1 teaspoon). There are three teaspoons in a tablespoon. Last time I measured mine is 1 teaspoon. But it has been years for me since I have went a day without masturbating at least three times.

    How many days of rest would it take to reach maximum volume? perhaps 1-3? I am planning on taking my first break in a few years to make a video and pictures of a come shot.

    Here are the only ways I know of to increase volume. I haven't tried any and don't know what works. Please let us know any information or experience you have had:

    1. hydration
    2. sleep
    3. exercise
    4. abstinence
    5. herbs (search online and do not pay for info or preformulated supplements)
    6. amino acids
    7. zinc (smoked oysters)
    8. fresh fruits and vegetables
    9. celery
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