If anyone has a CameraBoys account, can u plz contact...

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    A few users and get them to join this site?

    My current faves are:

    * cristoce007, a hot bi Eurotwink, standing at a height of at least 6'3", and sporting a muscular build with tight abs, perfect ass and a cute face (that totally makes me think of Marky Mark, circa the 90s). Last seen over a month ago (actually time n/a).
    * deliciousabs, a superbuff muscle daddy with a nice patch of chest hair and an Adonis physique. Last seen online January 21 of this year.
    * BigArmando, a lean-bodied Eurotwink with a bona-fide horse dick between his legs. Also has two other aliases, as Bigarmando123 and xBigArmandox.

    If you can get ahold of them, I thank you. And trust me, I won't be the only one.
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