If every word of this fantasy ad was true would it interest any cuckholds?

Discussion in 'Fictitious Stories' started by MTHgasm, Jun 11, 2008.

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    Fantasy Ad:

    Experienced bull wants to train hubby/bf and wife/gf

    Here’s what I’m looking for:

    A slim brunette or black haired woman/girl with a hourglass figure with very nice ass (vocal/screamer highly preferred). Totally devoted to humiliating hubby/bf.

    Some ideas below for humiliation…. but I’m very accommodating as I would want this relationship to last.

    Hubby/bf would be willing to work up to foot worship, dropping to his knees and undressing me, getting cock slapped or holding out tongue so I could slap my dick on it, cleaning wife/gf, fluffing me, holding wife/gf’s legs together while doing stand up doggystyle (obviously he would be on his knees). Also he would make sure her clothes never got in the way and hold them after they become sweaty, make sure wife/gf’s legs are spread perfectly when asked, hold used condoms in his mouth (would tape his mouth shut) maybe have wedding rings in them idk? Refrain from j/o for long periods of time and also sleep on the couch on occasion

    For wifey/gf I would like to tease her until she begs for it and until she starts to buck on my cock just to get it a little bit deeper. Then really fuck her holding her up while standing suspending her off the ground, then go into doggy style and then let her ride me.

    My stats: Young looking 23 year old, rock hard 9X6.5, 40 inch shoulders, extremely strong frame and hands, excellent butt, 5’9, d/d free, beard, calming dark green eyes and very dark hair with slight crow’s peak, and lightly tanned skin usually dresses conservatively for job, but would like to wear a form fitting black T tucked under slightly loose black jeans with black 3 row studded belt (ideally) but I’m open to the more conservative style if that doesn’t fly

    The experience I’ve had as a bull comes from banging a preppy fuck buddy while making her one time stalker my complete bitch for an extended amount of time.
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