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Discussion in 'Fictitious Stories' started by Imported, Feb 15, 2005.

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    hung_big: Alright, I think everyone, just from the name get's where I am going with this.

    What happens is everyime someone thinks of a fantasy, or something horney and romantic we can post it here. It can be to your preferred sex, or both. Whatever, just knock youselves out.

    Like....if you were here....I would....

    For the Gorgeous Guys:

    Be slowly making out with you, french-kissing and holding you tight. I would slowly make my way down your perfect body. Licking around both you nipples, staring deep into your eyes. I would make my way down, admiring your gorgeous abs and hot bod. Then I would make my way down to my goal. It's smoot, you shaved it just this morning. You have a raging hard on. I slowly lick the shaft and head like a lolipop. I stick it into my mouth...bobbing my head back and forth.

    (This is just an example...I'll finish it later :lol:)

    For the Lovely Ladies:

    Be serenly undressing you. I would slip off your shirt, silky like your skin then pull down your pants, tight around your perfect ass. Then, you would do a little dance for me, giving me hard wood. I would then take your hiked up thong and slowly pull it down, revealing a lucious, wet pussy. I would then get up, and unhook your bra, valumptuous breasts being revealed. I would slowly begin to play with them, only getting me harder. I would pick you up, thow you down on the bed, getting only a little rough. I'd go down on you, stimulating you clit. Not before long you clench the sheets...and I know you are ready to climax.....

    (I'll finish this later too :p )

    And you realize that we don't continue from the last person's post, just post what we want.

    I thought this would be a good idea for a thread...I'll see what you guys think...knock yourselves out
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    New York
    Hey Congrads with suferboy and not bad story

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    If you were here I would walk down to the pool in the tiniest sexiest bikini top I can find, my breasts jutting out proudly, a towel wrapped around my waist. I know I shouldn’t be doing this and that my husband loves me dearly, but I can’t help myself. I see you there scooping out some stray leaves from the water, your shirt thrown over a lounge chair, your muscles rippling as you pull the scoop out of the water. I stare openly at your groin bulging out of your too small ever so deliciously tight bathers.

    You wave as I approach. Your eyes register surprise as I bend seductively to give you a good look at my breasts. They open even wider when I drop the towel wrapped around my waist to the ground. I’m not wearing any panties and I’ve just shaved for you.

    You drop the scoop, as I start towards you. I’m down on my knees in an instant and have pulled out your large thick cock before you can say a word.

    By the time I hear you trying to speak, I have your cock in my mouth and its very quickly growing in my mouth. You start to moan softly as you begin to run your hands through my hair. I suck good and strong deep throating until I nearly gag. As you look down into my eyes, I see how fierce your desire is and how much you want me.

    I push you back onto the lounge chair, and climb onto your lap. I take your massive cock in my hand. My long slender fingers barely reaches around its extensive girth. As you smile at me I guide your cock dripping with my saliva between my legs. As I sink down onto you, impaling myself, I open my eyes wide. I am a little surprised at how good you feel. I knew you have a big member, but I feel I could come as soon as I feel the huge thick head of your cock pressing against the walls of my pussy. I lean forward to kiss you purposefully on the lips, my tongue exploring your mouth. I start to pump myself up and down on top of you, as you lean up to undo my bikini to free my bouncing breasts. One breast pops out of it flimsy confines and I guide the rigid nipple to your ravenous mouth. You start to suck like a hungry baby as I continue grinding my hips up and down, pushing your massive cock deeper into me, impossible as that may first seem.

    Suddenly, I see a more intense look in your eyes, you lick your lips hungrily, and you pick me up in your arms and walk me over to a massage table, holding me close as my breasts push up on your muscular chest. It’s the perfect height for you to fuck me to your hearts content. You start to work up to frenzy, as you lean forward to suck both my breasts. Your huge cock pounds in me, splitting me open. I close my eyes, knowing I’m going to come soon, but I can tell you haven’t finished your work.

    You pull out, and turn me over slapping my butt lightly. Now you are in control. I’m being pushed down, so my legs spread open. Then I have to bite my lower lip as I feel you enter me from behind. It hurts slightly, but at the same time feels oh so good. Your hand reaches under me to press at my clit as you start to fuck me.

    It feels fantastic the way you are pounding my ass and working away expertly at my clit. Suddenly, I know I’m going to cum. I can feel the power bubbling up inside me. I grab your hand biting down hard to stiffly my cries of pleasure. My orgasms overwhelm me as I cry out. You pull your hand out so you can grasp my waist, holding me in a good position. You start to fuck me hard and fast. I feel your thrusts getting faster and faster, and then I feel you explode yourself deep inside me, my ass suddenly dripping wet as your pearly love juices run back down my thigh.

    As we lay down happily together, I flick your flaccid but still massive member. “You can continue cleaning the pool soon” I whisper “After one more session”.

    And then my husband comes home…
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