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    found this at literotica.com... an excerpt from the story “EJAX-472: Ch. 04” by fmcchris (a female author, which is evident in the writing)

    It's so great... :cool:


    "What the fuck?" Bonnie said suddenly.

    The music had abruptly stopped and I was startled from my reverie by the absence of any human beings on the stage with the exception of one small-sized man who approached the center of the ring with a slow, deliberate gait.

    "Holy shit!" Alice exclaimed. "Look at this guy!"

    Everyone in the audience gasped.

    The man, completely naked, with the exception of an Australian bushman's hat, which he wore on one side of his head, stood about four feet in height and was smoking a cigar. As he walked his legs seemed to wobble slightly, so that he teetered from side to side as he made his way upstage. As he drew nearer I could hear a persistent scratching sound like that of a broom being dragged along the floor. Swish, swish, came the funny rubbing noise with each step the little man took. He seemed to be taking an inordinate amount of time traversing the length of the area, and looking between his legs I realized the reason for his impeded movement. There, trailing behind him, and in all its resplendent glory, was a massive testicular sac containing what could only be described as a huge pair of ripe casaba melons—two wonderfully freakish specimens of elephantiasis of the scrotum.

    No one knew what to make of it. I had seen pictures of freaks in medical books that dealt with the subject, but elephantiasis was an abnormality commonly associated with the brain and its surrounding tissue, not the reproductive system. Yet, here he was, standing not more than twenty feet away from us, a living testimony to the non-selective process of the disease at work—a case for the medical books.

    "How ya doin'?" he said addressing the crowd. "I'm Joey Balls."

    The line was delivered with all the inflection and intent of a Mafioso boss, but the accent was unmistakably Australian. Suddenly, the entire audience erupted with laughter and wild applause.

    "Who is this man?" I asked Bonnie.

    "I have no fucking idea," she replied awestruck. "He must be an acquaintance of Philip's. I don't know!"

    Everyone stood up to get a better look at his gargantuan testicles that sat like two silent sentinels on the floor between his short, stubby legs.

    "Jesus Christ!" Maria shouted over the din, "Look at his balls! Look at them!"

    Flashbulbs were going off like crazy as the women in the audience tried to get a picture of Joey, some even standing on chairs to snap a shot and some even falling into the laps of their friends as they tried to do so.

    I noticed that his penis looked fairly normal, that is, of course, in comparison to a normal-sized scrotum. But the balls themselves were completely out of proportion to the rest of him. It seemed as though the sheer size of his scrotum acted like a counterweight to his rather large head, serving to keep him balanced and upright when he might have otherwise toppled over. I figured him to be a man in his mid to late thirties, clean-shaven with short brown hair, and attractive in a somewhat inexplicable way. I wondered if he had been born with the disease, and if not, how long it took to develop. From a medical standpoint, I knew a little about elephantiasis and its causes, but seeing the mutation up close made me curious as to its pathology.

    "All right, all right," Joey said, "settle down, settle down."

    It took several more minutes before the crowd's excitement was quelled. He took a long puff on his cigar and waited until everyone was quiet. Seeing that all the women were now patiently awaiting him to speak, he addressed us.

    "Thank you ladies, thank you," he began. "That was the nicest reception I ever had."

    The little naked man seemed completely at ease, as if addressing a group of women sans clothing was for him nothing more than routine.

    "For those of you who are wonderin'," he continued, "I'm the founder of this here sex circus. We come up from Australia about a week ago at the bequest of Mr. Olmstead to perform at his wife's birthday party. After we leave Stockholm, we'll be embarkin' on a worldwide tour, seeing as our show has become so popular. Now I know some of you, probably all of you, are tryin' to figure out how in hell I got me these here two jumbo gibbers between my legs. Well, I'll tell you. I was born with 'em. That's right, born with 'em. So look all you like ladies, I'm proud of my two beauties. And if any of you want to cop a feel of 'em, well you can just come up here and do so."

    I was astonished to find myself, along with about half of the audience, get up and walk toward the ring where the little man stood. He remained completely unperturbed at our approach, actively inviting the women to come closer and engage him in conversation. They chatted excitedly amongst each other as they tried to make sense of his fantastic mutation, treating his testicles almost with an air of religious devotion, unabashedly examining the bulging sac by caressing and fondling it, regarding it for all intents and purposes as though it were a separate entity unto itself. Joey was thrilled at all the attention his two nether mates were enjoying, every now and then speaking to the women to remind them that it was he, and not his balls, that possessed the power of speech. He was actually a very gracious and humorous fellow, notwithstanding his somewhat unrefined demeanor. After a while, seeing him naked with his two giant companions resting beneath him became less of a visual absurdity and more of a genuinely enjoyable experience.

    "I'm doctor Christiana Swensen," I said to him. "Philip Olmstead's sister-in-law."

    "Nice to meet you doc!" he replied, engagingly.

    "May I?" I asked him, tentatively reaching out my hand to touch his sac.

    "Go right ahead. Everybody else does."

    He said this in such a matter of fact, congenial way that I was immediately put at ease. As my hands glided over the taught, smooth area comprising his scrotum, I was overcome by the pleasure of the tactile sensation and involuntarily moaned aloud. He noticed my embarrassment and smiled.

    "Not to be ashamed my dear," he said amiably. "Lots of ladies react that way anytime they get near the two blighters. I'll bet you ain't ever seen anything like 'em"

    "Never," I replied, as I continued to fondle him. "You say you were born this way?"

    "That's right miss. Came out of my mother's womb with these two monstrosities trailin' behind me. Nearly put her under the first time she saw them they did."

    "I can understand why."

    Before I could utter another word, Bonnie came up from behind me smiling broadly.

    "That's some fucking set of nuts you have there pal!" she said to Joey. "Christ! Are they real?"

    "Yup, they're the right stuff all right."

    Bonnie didn't wait for an invitation. Reaching out her hand she joined mine in fondling the delectable flesh.

    "Isn't this amazing, sis?" she said thrilled. "They're the size of watermelons I swear!"

    "The eighth wonder of the world is what they are miss," he said, enjoying our caresses.

    "I can't get over it," she said continuing to rub her hands over his bloated sac.

    I noticed that a few ladies from the film crew had managed to move up through the crowd to capture on film the incredible sight. Joey struck a prideful pose as the cameras came in for a close up of his wondrous equipment.
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    "Go ahead," he said to the camera crew, "take all the pictures you want."

    At one time or another during the next ten minutes everyone who had come to see Joey's pair of oversized balls managed to touch and fondle them. Alice and Patti Ann were beside themselves with laughter as they prodded the huge sac, receiving a hearty compliment from Joey in the process. Michelle stroked him a few times before retiring to her seat, looking somewhat embarrassed to be seen catering to a man she later described as a circus sideshow freak. My assistants were a bit more demonstrative however as the three of them came face to face with Joey's beauties.

    "You must have a gallon of sperm in those things!" Rebecca blurted out, unable to hide her admiration.

    "I ain't measured it yet, miss," Joey replied in a matter of fact tone, "but I'd say that's a conservative estimate."

    "Oh, my God," she said.

    He noted all three girls' shocked reaction to this statement with glee.

    "How did they get so big?" Maria asked him.

    "It's a mystery to me darlin'," he replied.

    "Do they bother you?" Cheryl inquired.

    "At times they can be a bit inconvenient, but I'm pretty much used to 'em by now."

    All of us continued to massage and fondle the enormous sac, commenting on the satiny smoothness of his skin and the utter absence of any surrounding pubic hair.

    "How did you come to know my husband?" Bonnie asked Joey.

    "Well, miss," he began, "you're husband heard about my circus through a mutual business associate and rang me up. I already had plans for a world tour and saw no good reason why I shouldn't kick off the whole shebang by making your lovely country our first stop."

    "How fortuitous for me!" she exclaimed.

    "For everybody I'd say, miss," he replied with a grin.

    We engaged the little man in conversation for a few minutes more before he politely asked all of us to return to our seats for the finale of the show. As I resumed my seat, Michelle, who was already sitting down, turned to me.

    "I'd love to do a study on him, wouldn't you?" she said with enthusiasm.

    "Most definitely," I replied. "I'll speak to Philip and see what we can arrange."

    She reached out and took my hand. "Maybe we can work on this one together!"

    Once the remainder of the women had resumed their seats, Joey again addressed us.

    "Ladies, I would now like to introduce you to a woman who has been with me since I started this circus three years ago. She is an amazing athlete and a well-known celebrity in Australia and I know you're going to appreciate her as much as I. Allow me to introduce to you, Kira, the Australian Amazon!"

    The orchestra immediately began playing some strange tribal music to accompany the woman as she walked into the ring. I don't think anyone was prepared for what we saw, but if Joey represented the embodiment of the physically gross and absurd, then Kira certainly reflected the polar opposite. Walking onto the stage with all the grace of a big cat was a beautiful black woman almost six feet five inches in height, dressed in nothing but a leopard skin and carrying a long wooden spear. Her raven black hair was long and unencumbered, falling down to her waist in one flowing mass of curls that did indeed give her the appearance of a tribal goddess. She frowned as she approached Joey, holding her spear out in front of her in attack mode, pointing the sharp tip directly at his bulging sac.

    "You pathetic little insect!" she screamed at the unsuspecting little man. "I should shove the tip of my spear right into your big, ugly balls!"

    As she said this she moved closer to him, her spear only inches from his testicles. Joey made an attempt to protect his bountiful treasures with his hands but it was clearly too much area for his little hands to cover.

    "What did I do?" he said meekly, trying to discern the reason for her anger.

    "You forgot to say 'Queen' Kira, that's what!" Now say it before I run you through!"

    "I'm so sorry your majesty," Joey hastily replied as he gave her a slight bow. "Ladies," he said facing us, "may I introduce you to 'Queen' Kira, the Australian Amazon!"

    No sooner had he said that than she backed off, lowering her spear. The audience applauded as she did a formal curtsey.

    What followed was a series of acrobatics, gymnastics, and weapons play that were absolutely wonderful in their execution and professionalism. At one point she used Joey as a human target, flinging knives, hatchets, and other pointed weapons at the poor man as he lay helplessly propped up against a wooden frame. It was hard to tell if she was really throwing the weapons or if it was done by some process of legerdemain, but the effect was startling and unnerving to behold.

    During the course of the performance, Joey's body was utilized by the wild Amazonian in varying degrees of subservience. At one moment she would have him get on all fours and mount him like a stallion, flagellating his massive balls with a tiny whip in order to goad him forward. The next moment she would have him lie face up on the floor as she stuck her bare feet in his face, wiggling her toes back and forth in his open mouth as she forced him to suck and caress each toe with his tongue. She treated his entire body with casual indifference, as though he were nothing more than a human prop, and Joey seemed to enjoy it because I noticed that during the course of these casually inflicted punishments, he had acquired an immense erection.

    Kira noticed the little man's hard on and sneered.

    "You like to be abused don't you, you little shit!"

    "Yes, your majesty," Joey replied, bowing low.

    Kira laughed. "You see, ladies," she said addressing the audience, "this is where the man belongs—at the woman's feet!"

    Her statement provoked a round of applause from the crowd.

    Without saying another word, she removed her single piece of clothing, revealing a body most women would sell their souls to possess. Every inch of her was cut to perfection, especially her legs, which seemed to go on forever. She straddled Joey with her back to his face and slowly lowered herself onto his giant prick, being careful not to injure his balls as she absorbed the full length of him. Still holding the spear in her right hand, she began squatting up and down on the rigid pole as her left hand caressed his fat, cum-swollen sac. It didn't take her long to cum. Spewing forth a host of epithets in some obscure tribal tongue, she was soon overtaken by the first in a series of very long climaxes that made her entire body shudder. As she reached the height of her final orgasm, she screamed something in her strange dialect and flung her spear across the arena, where it landed with a sharp thud in the wooden partition.

    "This is too fucking much," Rebecca said, overcome with lust.

    It appeared that my horny assistant had resumed her erotic stimulation begun earlier. She had been playing with herself the entire time and was now on the verge of orgasm. Bonnie knew that Rebecca was close to coming and traded seats with me, offering her own hand to the blonde. Rebecca's face expressed infinite gratitude as Bonnie's hand found its way under her shorts. I watched with amusement as my sister's hand worked its magic on Rebecca's overheated clit, bringing the frustrated woman to a powerful climax within seconds. As her orgasm approached, Rebecca let out a sharp cry and buried her face in Bonnie's shoulder, trying to stifle her moans.
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    She clamped her legs around Bonnie's busy hand, riding my sister's fist like a substitute penis, determined to extract every last bit of pleasure from its incessant motion. I was surprised when Alice moved her head forward and kissed Rebecca several times on the mouth as she climaxed. Rebecca was surprised too but seemed to enjoy the young girl's attention and responded by kissing her passionately.

    "Feel better now sweetie?" Bonnie asked, as Rebecca's orgasm subsided.

    "Much better," Rebecca replied, her face flushed and glowing. "Thank you."

    Bonnie and I traded places once more, but because my attention had been centered on the sex show taking place immediately in front of me, I didn't notice that the little man with the huge nuts was now getting ready to supply his audience with a gift from his own outsized organ. With her back still to him, Kira had positioned herself so that she was now sitting on Joey's face, bouncing up and down on his rigid, outstretched tongue, on the verge of another orgasm. As she climaxed, she dug her ass hard into the man's face, momentarily suffocating him. His own cock, now sticking straight up and rigid as a pole, was engulfed in Kira's hands even as her own climax started to wane. Keeping her ass on his face, but allowing him to breath, she began masturbating Joey's huge tool with long, sensuous strokes. His balls seemed to swell to magnificent proportions in response to her intense handjob.

    I'll never forget the look on my friend's faces as the little man was forced to surrender his heavy load at the hands of his mighty Amazonian queen. Their faces registered the same look of astonishment as mine did upon seeing his balls heave and sway as the sperm was coaxed out by Kira's expert manipulations. Then, suddenly, we were all looking in the same direction—behind us—as the first arc of cum sailed over the first ten rows of seats and into the waiting faces of several middle-aged women.

    "Whoa!" Alice yelled. "What a shot!"

    The recipients of Joey's forceful climax shrieked at the amount of sperm that had carelessly baptized their persons, amazed, as was everyone else, that the cum had traveled so far. But my attention to their plight didn't last long because out of the corner of my eye I saw something whitish approaching me on a planar trajectory—a long, stringy, fluidic missile of vast proportions that was on a collision course with my face.

    Aware that I was only a split second away from becoming the next victim, I ducked my head just in time to avoid getting hit head on with a massive load of cum. But Alice, who was sitting directly behind me, was not so fortunate. Burying my face in my lap to protect myself, I felt a portion of Joey's ejaculate splash on my arms and neck. But as I raised my head to look behind me, I saw Alice standing there frozen like a statue, her entire face dripping with the little man's hot sperm. She looked like the victim of a bukake festival.

    Patti Ann was in hysterics at her sister's dilemma, joining in with the rest of us as we teased Alice about her new facial.

    "You asshole!" Alice screamed at Patti Ann. "Get me some tissues!"

    This response provoked even more laughter from all of us, as the unfortunate girl sat back down in her seat trying to wipe away the aftermath with her hands.

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    I'm waiting for part two where he cums inside a woman and blasts her to the ceiling with the force of his ejaculate.
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    Great story Bullnuts, thanks for sharing it with us!
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