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    So I guess I'm supposed to answer questions as given earlier in the forum.

    1.) How big are you soft & hard?

    A 7.5 inches soft, 10 inches hard as far as length goes.

    2.) Ever met anyone as big as you or close to you? If so how big were they?
    A I met a guy with a cock identical to mine last summer, he was cut.

    3.) Do you like being as big as you are?
    A Oh yeah

    4.) What are some pros/cons to being so big?
    A There are only pros in my opinion, women and men love my rod.

    5.) Are any other male family members (brothers/kids/dad) gifted like you?
    A My cousin.

    6.) Are there certain clothes you can't wear? (briefs, certain jeans, thongs, etc)
    A Nope, I love to show it off.

    7.) If you could be any size, what size you would you be? Soft & Hard?
    A Wouldn't change a thing.

    8.) Do you ever compare with other guys?
    A Yep, when I was younger.....I usually got a hand or blow job afterward.

    9.) How and when did you first realize you were big?
    A In a shower with other guys at a young age.

    10.) What's the biggest you've ever measured yourself? (When you were super horny)
    A 11 inches.

    11.) Would you say your package is "heavy"?
    A Indeed it is.

    12.) If you sit on the toilet, does it dunk in the water?
    A It has happened.

    13.) Have you ever sat on it?
    A Yep.

    14.) Have you ever rolled on it during sleep?
    A All the time, I sleep in the nude.

    15.) How tall are you and what size shoe do you wear?
    A 5'9", 12 shoe

    16.) Are the sayings true about a big nose or big hands? At least in your case would you say you have a big nose or big hands?
    A No.

    17.) What is your heritage? Is your heritage known for being bigger? ( like Italians)
    A I'm Scottish/British, not sure if they are bigger.

    18.) Did kids make fun of you growing up? If so what would they say?
    A No.

    19.) Were you big at a younger age or did you not get bigger until you were older?
    A A young age.

    20.) Do you get attention from it and if so do you like the attention?
    A Yes and yes.

    21.) Do people still make comments today? Like in the locker room or bathroom or swimming pool, etc? If so what do they say?
    A I still get comments. I hear "Nice dick" a lot.

    22.) Did you ever think about doing porn or would you?
    A Yes and no.

    23.) Since you are bigger, what would you consider to be small, average, and big?
    A Small - 4 inches, Average - 6 inches, Big - 9 inches and up.

    24.) Can you do any tricks with it?
    A I can last a very long time, a trick that many people like.

    25.) If you sit on a chair nude would it hang off the edge?
    A Yes, if soft.

    26.) If you run does it bounce and hit you in the leg or anything?
    A No.

    27.) Do condoms fit you? If so what size do you take?
    A Any condom can be made to fit.
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    wow, makes me really want to see the pictures now, haha.
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