Im still havin issues with erections

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    I posted a few weeks ago about my situation all of a sudden not able to get hard for a couple days. It really worried me. Im 20 yo, i eat good, exercise a lot, etc, pretty healthy. I may not be in the best cardio/running shape of my life, but i lift 3-4 days/week and get a lil extra exercise in here and there.

    I saw a doctor about this and got a bunch of tests done. Blood tests are great, everything is within range, hormones are good, std free. The only concern is i have high blood pressure. I was seeing up to 150/90, which is really pretty high. It swings throughout the day and i see normal to that high.

    I had a case of epididymytis at the same time which i believe was from a bike seat. I got that taken care of and haven't had problems with that. Got an entirely different seat design that puts no pressure on the perineum.

    I gave up smoking pot just as extra precaution (over 2 weeks now), dont smoke cigs, i don't drink often. I am trying to add extra cardio into my workouts to see if i can condition my cardio system to be more efficient.

    I have had quite a few sexual encounters where i have had issues with erections. It seems like i am able to get it hard the first time or whatever, but if i go soft, i have a very hard time getting hard again and i start to go limp in any break in stimulation.

    I really would like to figure this out because three weeks ago i did not have this problem, it was so abrupt. I also don't get random boners throughout the day like iused to, i really have to try.
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    psychological factors?

    stress? worry?

    mind on things other than sex? (is that even possible?
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    You were given a ton of good advice when you brought this up before, from all kinds of people including me. What can I say this time? That you didn't like the answers you got before? That you're actually 50 and not 20?
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    I have heard that to much exersisse can kill your sex drive. Try cutting back a bit. Also if you cut out to many fats your body can not make testosterone as well.
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