in another galaxy far far away - part 1

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    please read parts 2 and 3 after

    The train was a few minutes late as usual, and as I alighted onto the platform I strained my eyes, there was always a possibility, always, that you could be stood up.

    I saw her standing on the platform she was so tiny and yes cute. Dressed in a pair of jeans decorated with poppies, a wine coloured velvet jacket, hair loose, slightly dishevelled flowed over her shoulders down over her back. Undeniably pretty, slight, willowy.

    I saw him and my stomach jumped as he strode towards me.

    ‘I thought we’d go for a drink first Cat, I know you must be nervous I am, and remember no expectations, I’m not holding you to anything we said.’

    I leaned up kissed him on the cheek and said ‘Hi Gavin, its lovely to finally meet.’

    The pub was crowded and noisy and for a few minutes we struggled to find something to say. Then we both said the same thing at once and that was it, the ice was broken. We laughed, giggled, couldn’t shut up. My case leaned against the table and it was about eleven thirty when Gavin stood, lifted it and said, ‘You must be tired, you’ve been travelling all day, let’s go back to my place.’

    On the short drive my stomach churned with mixed feelings, excitement, anxiety, and yes horniness. Just as on the net we’d fitted together nicely in every way. Both finding the other amusing, attractive, arousing. Gavin led me into his flat offered me a drink which I gratefully accepted. A gin and tonic. We took a seat on the couch and carried on chatting, I kicked my shoes off as I always do, curling my feet up under me.

    She looked so tiny and almost scared sitting there chatting away to me, when she kicked her shoes off, pulled her feet up to nestle them under her she looked like a little kid. I couldn’t help it, I reached for one of her feet, wrapped my hand around it, it was tiny and pale, the prettiest foot I’d ever seen. ‘Your feet are so tiny,’ I said as I gently stroked it. She seemed comfortable with my stroking so I carried it on.

    I didn’t expect him to take my foot, but the stroking was nice, relaxing, and it indicated he was going to take things slowly. His hand moved up slightly, reaching under my jeans his thumb playing softly over my ankle, my calf. I’d already decided the minute I set eyes on him that we’d fuck so I moved nearer to him, my eyes looking at his lips, my own lips parted slightly, he moved to kiss me as I knew he would, his tongue softly seeking entrance into my mouth I opened for him, allowed his tongue to penetrate me.
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    You found my weakness... (I'm making a huge confession). I love women's feet. There is something about this set up that tells me you are going to make me very happy!

    I'm racing to read the next post.
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