in another galaxy far far away - part 2

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    please read parts 1 first and of course part 3 after :)

    Her mouth was softly wet, willing, the gin slightly sharp. I moved my tongue over hers, deeply into her mouth, reached to rest my hand gently in the soft silken weight of her hair. Under my mouth she was panting slightly. I pulled her to her feet, pulled the slightness of her body against mine, she was soft, pliable, a wet dream. Slowly I turned her within the circle of my arms, lifted her hair and nuzzled softly into her neck, my tongue tracing wetly along her hairline, against me she trembled slightly with desire. From behind I gently cupped a tender breast, small but surprisingly heavy and firm it filled my hand and through her top I could feel her nipple rise for me. Unbuttoning her top I slipped it down over one shoulder, my mouth resting on the pale curve of her shoulder, softly I bit down and she moaned.

    Behind me I could feel his cock pressing against me, it felt huge, rock hard and I wanted his mouth on me, his hardness moving in me. ‘Let’s move to the bedroom Gavin,’ I said and eagerly he ushered me into his room. I looked into his eyes as I undid the zip of my jeans slid them off over my hips, pushed my unbuttoned shirt over my shoulders, let him look at me.

    She was perfect, slim but sweetly feminine, high breasts topped by nipples the colour of spring roses, tiny waist flaring out to womanly hips, legs slim, pale, her skin so pale she almost shone in the dim light of my bedroom. As I looked at her I undressed too, wanting her to see me as she had shown herself to me. Her eyes travelled over me, over my chest, down over my belly to where my cock jutted out, hard, already wet at the head, as she looked I saw the pink pointed tip of her tongue travel moistly over her lips. She moved closer, the length of her body pressed against me she reached, placed her hand behind my neck and pulled my mouth down to take her nipple. A shiver travelled down my spine as I claimed her breast.

    His mouth on my nipple, sucking sent sweet waves of sensation running through my core, a shiver travelled down my spine as his mouth fixed on me, tasting me, enjoying me. Slowly I pushed his head down and he went willingly, tongue lapping over my ribs as he did, over the soft curve of my stomach, till he knelt in front of me. He leaned close, his mouth over my thong warmly he exhaled sending heat through the thin material to my cunt. His hands reached behind me taking the soft plumpness of my bottom in his hands, they enclosed it completely. Through my thong I could feel his tongue tracing the contours of my folds. Turning me around he pushed me back onto his bed, his hands moving to place my thighs over his shoulders, my feet resting on his back, I allowed my legs to open under him, for him.

    She smelled fantastic, musky, sweet, cock wettingly horny. I could smell her and couldn’t wait to taste her. I pushed her back onto my bed, lifted her legs up over my shoulders where they lay lightly on me, I buried my face in her pussy, where the thong covered it, breathed deeply loving her scent. Through her thong I licked one long slow wet lick the entire length of her. The thong was tiny, ridiculously girly and feminine, just like she was, the very palest shell pink embroidered with tiny roses, at her hips it fastened with a thin pink ribbon, I pulled at the bows at her hips and they parted easily, as if I was unwrapping a present slowly I peeled the thong from her.

    We lay there for a few minutes quietly fondling one another, caressing, stroking kissing, enjoying the warm sexual aroma that filled the room. Not needing to talk.

    The room was filled with the smell of her cunt, my cock, keeping me hard and making me eager to carry on, but knowing we had time to enjoy one another.

    His cock was still hard as I stroked it gently, my hand lingering around his balls, gently moving my thumb over them where they lay cloaked by the soft skin of his scrotum. Gently I pushed his legs apart, wetted my finger in my cunt and softly stroked it over his arsehole, feeling it contract slightly. Gently I pushed just the tip of my finger in.

    Her finger on my anus felt strange but welcome, I allowed her to push my legs apart, play with it softly.

    ‘I’ve got a present for you,’ I told Gavin, ‘go and open my suitcase, it’s on top.’

    I grinned as she said I’ve got a present for you, I had a good idea what it might be.’ The strap-on that lay dark and sinister on top of the pinks, lilacs and pale blues of her clothes was coldly intimidating, but I picked it up, handed it to her.

    I knelt on the bed as Gavin came back. ‘Strap it on me,’ I ordered him. And stayed perfectly still as he tightened the buckles of the leather harness firmly around my hips. I took the hard fake phallus in my hand, stroked it as he watched.

    It was mindblowing watching her wanking the dildo that thrust out, seeing those pale perfect tits above that hard plastic cock, that slim elegant hand wrapped lewdly around the length got me rock hard, I wanted it but god it was scary, I wanted it in me, but I was scared of how much it might hurt.

    I took the lube Gavin had also bought me with the strap-on and as he watched I guided his hand to my cunt, let him finger me as I let him watch me lubing it up. ‘Lie down, on your back Gavin and let me take you.’

    Her words got me so hot, I was panting as I lay back, did as she told me, willing to let her take control totally. She moved closer to me, lay on top of me the fake cock against mine, she wriggled and it pressed into my belly. God it felt strange but good. Her mouth fastened over mine and she wiggled her legs inside mine, pressed hers outwards to force mine open, and I let her. As she kissed me her fingers moved to my hole, lubed and gentle they stroked me, circled the roundness of it, then gently she pressed against it, her fingers moved slowly, giving me time to accommodate them, first she slipped one finger in, moved back to look into my eyes while she fingered me, her finger squirming deeper into me until she was in me up to the knuckle, I eased around her, relaxed, and she slid another finger in, this one went in more easily, I was more relaxed. Slowly she fucked me with those two long slim fingers, my cock was dripping at the deliciously invasive feeling, a feeling that was wrong yet so perfect.

    He was submissive under me, open and accepting, as I slid a finger easily into him he was warm and soft around me, tight but not constricting, I slid my finger into the musky depths of him and easily he let me slide another in, I moved it slowly at first then more quickly making him gasp, his body bead with sweat. I leaned forward, licked along the centre of his stomach, the sweat clean and salty on my tongue. Working to loosen him, to prepare him to lose his virginity.
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    Great writing.

    Not my kind of fantasy, but well written.

    I wonder if the use of font size or colour or some other visual cue might help the reader know when you are switching from the narration of the story from the guys perspective and when you are writing from the woman's perspective. It sometimes takes a second to realize you have switched perspectives from one character to the other.

    I'm moving on to read part three.
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