In germany next week

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    from 8 - 13 oct i'm in the north of germany, lubeck spcifically

    I'm a 23 y/o bi-curious first timer who would like to try sucking a cock and being fucked in the ass. I am a bit chubby around the torso but otherwise well built. 14cm uncut cock and a tight, juicy ass

    I am willing to try something in a public place like a parked car or a public toilet and it would in fact add to the thrill.

    If the action gets me to that point I will consider swallowing your cum or letting you cum inside my ass. I don't want romantic play so no kissing and hugging please. I just want to arrive, suck you, get fucked and leave. Cut or uncut doesn't matter

    mail me at if you'd like to fuck me

    i'll attach a few pics as soon as i can
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