In Honor Of Tomorrows Rose Bowl.

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    Thumper_10x7_CA: In honor of the #1 SC Trojans having to settle for the Rose Bowl.

    The trumpet "Charge," heard often at athletic contests, was composed by a post-World War II USC student named Tommy Walker. As a memboer of the Trojan Marching Band, he was known as "Tommy Trojan," and as a USC football player he would shed his band uniform, come down from the stands, and kick extra points (he lettered in 1947). Upon graduation in 1948, he was hired as the band's director. He later was the first entertainment director at Disneyland park and then went into business as one of the leading creators of show business spectacles (including Super Bowl halftimes and Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies). He died in 1986.

    GO SC!!!!!
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