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Discussion in 'Penis Enlargement' started by Imported, Jun 24, 2004.

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    UnstoppableGrowth: Hello. I'm new here as I'm sure you all realize, but I have a serious question I'd really like to hear some answers to if anyone here has any. I have normal size testicles as well as a normal amount of cum from what I can tell, but I want to increase my ejaculate greatly. Is there anyway to do this? I have always wanted too, but could never find any information on it. I have heard of a product called Volumze, but it doesn't sound very reliable. Any information would be greatly appriciated.

    My second question is this: what is the best way to increase the size of one's testes? Mine are what is considered normal size, but I'd love to seem them grow. I have considered pumping, but its not an expense I can really afford at the moment, due to time or money. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Testicle size is a matter we live with what we were given!
    (There's no way to PERMANENTLY enhance testicle size.)

    Pumping (and other manipulation) doesn't affect the actual testicles themselves...only surrounds them with accumulated fluids which get re-absorbed ultimately and everything returns to normal. The "bigger look" is temporary at best. There are some variations in vacuum pumping devices whereby part of the pumping procedure "pumps" both the penis and the testicles together in a larger than typical vacuum tube. This method will improve the elasticity of the scrotum skin (ballsac) to some degree over a very longer period of time but, again-the individual testicle size always remains the same. Some men swear their testicles "feel bigger" from this pumping procedure and indeed they may respond to all the attention and increased blood flow to them!....but don't expect any gains to be long-lasting. That's just the way it is, sorry.

    Increasing ejaculate amount is debateable. Some will say certain nutritional supplements could bring larger, (thicker) volumes of semen. I've been using "male-health related supps" for over three years and I can't say there's been all that much difference in overall semen quality or quantity. Libido and energy levels though--are much improved (as is erection frequency and improved "hardness".)

    Actually, the amount of a man's ejaculate could very well depend largely upon the degree of the sexual stimulation itself. Being extra "turned-on" is likely to yield a much more major shooting for many of us. For the few of us who can, two ejaculations back to back over a few minutes can produce surprising amounts the second time. Age of the man factors in a lot of this, too. Then there's deliberately holding back an ejaculation when you're close and then "restarting" the arousal process (over several times) which can lead to more powerful ejaculation, too. (This is known as "edging" and it requires some practice to "perfect" this technique!)

    But, it's the tried-and-true premise of not ejaculating for a few days (to allow the male system to build back up) and drinking lots of fluids which are probably among the better routes to producing more semen upon demand. These "remedies" DO seem to work for most of us. I admit, NOT ejaculating for several days is tough going for some men. (After all, we have our reasons!) ;)
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    try this one: a couple of hours before you know you are going to have sex, masturbate to the point of a strong erection and maintain the erection for a time. for those who precum, get the flow going. Then stop. When you have sex later, your genitalia will have become engaged and bring you a bigger and hotter orgasm. this works for sure.
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