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    I'm not a good writer and I don't have a lot of back story to set things up but wanted to put a recent fantasy to writing. Anyway. So, I was checking out a website dedicated to Alix Kendall, a newscaster for the morning show on Fox here in the Twin Cities (St Paul/Minneapolis). I was checking out pictures of her in a dress that was brown but had a bit of sheer to it and you could see her bra through the dress. I've attached two pictures so you can see. My fantasy would go with me getting home and her in the dress and pantyhose she's wearing in the picture. I sit down ready to catch up on the daily newspaper, but take off my shoes with the table to my side. When she straddles me and sits down on my lap, looking me straight in the eyes. Which tell me everything, that she hungers for me and she loves me. We start to kiss, slowly deeply and passionately as our tongues meet and greet one another. I feel her hand going down my stomach as she glides her hand down my pants and caresses my hard erection as she breathes deeper. Then with her other hand, unzippers my pants, slips my boxers over my erection and brings it forth to freedom where she slowly strokes it. She then rises and positions herself over my erection and much to my surprise, I feel her her warm moist starting to descend my erection. I quickly realize much to my delight that she has cut a slit in her pantyhose. She slowly and methodically lowers herself onto me and starts to suck and lick my ear as she whispers, "l love you". I rock my hips at her enjoying the sweet warmth of her vagina. Then she lowers herself completely grinding hard into my hips, moaning and whispering how she loves to feel me deep inside her. I remove her belt and then run my hands up her legs as I grab her dress and pull it up to her waist. Then caress her waist as I slowly roll my hips into her meeting her fully as I feel the exstacy of her vagina fully receiving me. She is warm and moist as I feel her cum starting to roll down my scrotum. I work my hands up her back and unclasp her bra, then pull her dress over her head as her DD breasts fall down bouncing and shimmying. I gently caress both breasts and take up one to my mouth as I massage it gently on the way up. Then encompass my mouth around her areola and gently suck as I swirl my tongue around her nipple and areola. To which she moans in delight and tightens her magnificent vagina on my erection and with broad sweeping motion to her hips as she rolls them into me. She brings me into ecstacy as I lose control and release my semen into her and try to keep rythmn so each pulse from erection gives way deep inside her. After I've given her all I have, I stay in close embrace and feel the warmth of her body against mine and stare into eyes as I leave myself inside and feel fortunate to have her and this moment.

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